PRODUCTS OF THE MOMENT – our own thoughts on Disney products.


What’s the first thing I noticed when I took this two piece bathing suite out of the package??? The glitter. Who on this earth ever thought it would be ok to have glitter all over a toddler’s bathing suit? And the glitter never stops. Yes it’s cute. But the glitter never ends. We came back from the beach – was it sand or glitter all over me and the kids? I’ll never know.


This seems to be the perfect summer camp/daycare water bottle. .It comes with the ability to spray and mist -and is toddler friendly. There is a pop up leak proof top and an easy handle to carry the bottle.

So far, no leaks. The only issue has been explaining to my four year old that she needs to ask someone before she sprays them.  It’s really the perfect way to encourage younger children to stay hydrated.  The mister is just that, a mist. It is not a soaker. No need to worry about that.

I purchased two of these at CVS for 9.99 (there is a link below to buy them online for 11.99). So if you don’t mind the hassle of going to a store, and you’d like these, check out CVS first!!  Frankly, I don’t understand why the reviews on Amazon are so negative. The bottles do not look “flimsy” to me – for the price I paid it works just great.

Jack and Lil’s Workshop –,

We happened upon Jack and Lil’s Workshop when we were given these wonderful Disney themed towels – spacious, soft, and personally embroidered with the kids favorite characters. So far, so good, will update to see if they make it through the wash!!!

Disney Park’s Bamboo Cutting Board

I was sooo excited to buy this board, purchased it for $39.99 in the Resort Gift Shop. I thought to myself that it was exactly what I need. A cute bamboo Disney theme cutting board, with 4 separate trays that conveniently slide into the back of the cutting board, each tray for a separate item: vegetables, beef, chicken, fish.

But when I unpacked it, about to cook and slice chicken for the first time – I was so disappointed.  My knife sliced right through the chicken tray and remains there, for eternity. Definitely not my proudest moment, and not my finest purchase. What’s the point of a cutting board set that can’t sustain the slice of a knife?

Let us know what you think!!