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Did you know there is now an Enchanted Forest within the Wilderness Lodge?

I’m whistling while I write.

Long ago, I wrote on this site that Snow White deserved more. Snow White has been at the parade, she has dined with other princesses at Akershus, and she also has a special spot on Main Street.

And now, Snow White, Dopey, Grumpy and the Evil Queen all have their own dining experience at the Wilderness Lodge.

Although reservations are very hard to get, I got them. I can’t wait to report on the new dining experience at Artist Point, in the Wilderness Lodge!

With this menu, all you can do is hi ho all the way to dinner.

This meal costs $55 for adults and $33 for children ages 3-9 (tax and gratuity not included). For those on the Disney Dining Plan, one table service credit will be redeemed per Guest.

Once you get into the Enchanted Forest, you’ll find that the meal is very different (or so I have heard). So different, that each guest gets their own enchanted apple.

According to Disney sources, the storybook-themed dining experience begins with shared appetizers including Hunter’s Pie with chicken, black truffle, and stone fruit preserve, Winter Squash Bisque with caramel loli and granola served in an adorable black cauldron, Wicked Shrimp Cocktail with soy, miso, avocado, thai chili, and greens, and From the Garden, an array of fruits, vegetables, cheese, and create-your-own honey butter.

Then, you’ll be able to choose from an entrée from a prix fixe menu. Feast on the Royal Prime Rib Roast, Brother’s Grimm Roasted Chicken, Magic Mirror Slow Braised Veal Shank, Seafood Stew and Bashful’s Butter Poached Snapper. Or enjoy the vegetarian option – A Stroll Through Nature – featuring butternut squash, arugula and gnocchi.

Children can choose from Royal Prime Rib Roast, Grilled Chicken, Princess Pasta and Vegetarian Steam Bun.

For dessert enjoy “Poison” Apple; Fairy Tale Gooseberry Pie; a sponge cake with chocolate gems and buttercream icing called Miner’s Treasures; and The Hunter’s Gift to the Queen, which features cracked maple popcorn with a ganache heart.

The meal is roughly $35 for kids, $55 for adults, or 1 credit on the dining plan.

Stay tuned for pictures! And feedback! And remember, you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine!



Snow White, the heroine of Disney’s FIRST animated feature film, projects innocence. Originally depicted as a blonde in German Romantic fairy tales, she is the first and youngest of Disney’s princesses.  The Brothers Grimm gave birth to her in 1812.  She started off so beautiful that the gods Apollo and Mercury both fell in love with her. …. I’ll encourage the adults here to read the original story to see how that turned out. Again, as in modern times, she was taken advantage of.  Be wary of strangers with apples or men with big egos.

 Snow White (First Edition): The Original Brothers Grimm Fairytale

Where do the dwarfs or “short miners” come in to play? Originally modeled after seven mountains filled with mines that only short people could walk through, did their love for Snow White stem from the fact that they essentially got a free cleaning lady?
Despite this claim to fame, she’s somewhat overlooked at Disney. Snow White can sometimes be found in Munich at Epcot, at Main Street, or by the Wishing Well at Cinderella’s castle.Yes, she’s in the parade, dining with other princesses at Akershus and Cinderella’s Royal Table, but she has no official home of her own. Tinkerbell, Elsa & Anna, Cinderella, Belle, and Tiana have all reigned on her parade, literally.

You might say she slowly sunk to the bottom of the princess pool – or well –  because she isn’t popular. Her prince came and went. She, like many, deserves better. Is it because Disney has since made princesses slightly stronger in personality? Is Snow White weak? Not a role model?

She’s still a part of Disney history

Does she hold the keys to the kingdom? My bet is that she has to knock very hard to get in.