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Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show – it it worth it?

Short answer? No. For years I have had family members want to go to this and I have avoided it. Not this year. We went. 

Disney advertises it as a celebration of the spirit of aloha with spellbinding dancers, drummers, and a show-stopping fire-knife performer.  There are different tiers of seating: 1, 2, and 3. If you are dining on the Disney dining plan, you are only allowed category 2 or 3 seating. This means you will be somewhere in the middle or back. While you may be able to see the stage, your view will be slightly obstructed (as depicted here). 


For our 5:15pm performance, there were huge gaps in the performance on stage. We got through dinner and dessert before any spell binding dancers or drummers came out. The food wasn’t to die for. One plate of appetizers, one platter of ribs/pork/chicken/rice, and one dessert tray.  Children can separately order pizza. The only performance we actually saw (or heard from our seats) was one by Auntie Wini herself. 

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If you’re in the front one, category I seating, you probably get a great show whenever the performers come out. There is also a nice moment where people in the audience are asked to come out and learn the dance. 

We, did not even see the fire performers because it was an impossible environment for families with small children. If you are just adults out for a good time, try it. You may love it.  




Ohana Breakfast with Lilo and Stitch – Not to be missed!! 

We absolutely loved this breakfast! We had 730am reservations, so did not have to wait in the inevitable long line that builds up throughout the day due to the popularity of this restaurant. 

At around 730, Stitch greets all visitors with a professional photo pass photographer in tow, so have your autograph books ready!

Then, all of the servers give you an official Ohana greeting to start the day, which includes a short song.

You will then be led to your table. This is a family style breakfast – no need to get up and down to take from a buffet. Server will bring and replenish fruit, special Hawaiian bread, sausages, bacon, eggs, and Mickey and Stitch waffles.  Allergy friendly meals will be prepared upon request, including fried eggs. 

You will then meet: Pluto, Mickey, and Lilo! And there will be a parade where all children are invited to the floor with special musical shakers! This ranks among the best character breakfasts we’ve been to. 

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