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Think you may never run into Peter Pan? Well, NEVER is an awfully long time. 

We had faith.. and pixie dust.. and finally spotted Peter Pan in Epcot.  He was just standing by the English tea garden. What was he doing? Was he looking to see if there were any new lost boys there? 

He told us he was looking for Tinkerbell. But we know he likes to have his tea before his adventures. And he was outside the English Tea Garden. So you do the math! He is a free spirited boy who can fly. He doesn’t grow up. Doesn’t want to grow up. Why would he admit to stopping his adventure through Epcot and having tea? 

There’s not much time to think about the start or the end. But how did it all begin again? Where did Peter come from?   The author of Peter Pan lost his older brother in an ice skating accident, and thought of him as forever young. He then created Peter Pan, who ran away from his parents at a young age when he saw a new baby in the house, thinking his parents did not want him anymore. Any other new baby who falls out of their strollers and isn’t claimed in seven days gets shipped away to Neverland. Does that sound unbelievable to you? Believe it! You have to believe to be able to fly.

Don’t worry, all of this happened before, and it will all happen again.

Peter Pan’s flight is in Fantasyland of the Magic Kingdom. Really popular, because you actually fly through Neverland. The best way to get onto the ride, if you can’t get a FastPass, is to try and get an early breakfast reservation in the Magic Kingdom and then wait in front of the ride right before the park opens. Going through the line is well worth it because you will surely see tinkerbell hopping around – but be careful not to lose your shadow in the process!

You can also meet Peter Pan in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom and on the Pirates & Pals Fireworks Voyage. This is a boat cruise that departs from The Contemporary and takes you on the Seven Seas Lagoon to sing songs and have fun with your captain. You will then watch Happily Ever After from the boat. 

Searching for questions for Peter should you be lucky enough to run into him? Try these: 

  • Do you need help finding your shadow? 
  • What’s your favorite story?
  • Would you like me to tell you a story?
  • Do you have any pixie dust? 
  • Have you looked in any windows today?
  • Can you teach me how to crow? 
  • Can you crow for me? 
  • Can you teach me how to fight? 
  • Where’s your next adventure?






If Neverland is imaginary, how did Peter Pan get there? He took the second star to the right, straight on until morning. While the 1953 movie Peter Pan has Neverland as being somewhere in outer space, possibly a planet, “the real world” is referred to as “The Mainland”.  Is Neverland a gigantic island?

I vote for Neverland as being somewhere in outer space, given the fact that “there are many more suns and moons” that revolve around Neverland, making time extremely difficult to track. So let’s jump on the wind’s back, and away we go!!!

Although Captain Hook and crocodiles have been phased out a bit, (see Tic Tock Croc) and there are no stars to guide you to Peter Pan’s flight in Disney, it’s one of the best rides for young ish kids in the Magic Kingdom. Keep in mind that it might be slightly scary as you are flying through the dark. Hold onto your kids tightly. Definitely worth a fast pass. 

I really wish that Disney could have a Peter Pan meet and greet/character fast pass. Tinkerbell has spiraled off onto her own famous planet, read all about her here.  Why has Peter been left out in the cold? Is it because he isn’t a princess? He deserves his own clubhouse. He was born in 1902, after all. 

Peter can sometimes be found hanging out by his flight in the Magic Kingdom. Another great place to look for him is near the refreshment corner on Main Street. Some of the Peter Pan actors have become semi celebrities – click here to see them on tumblr

So going back to the star on the right. Once you get there, and find yourself able to focus hard on battling straight on through until morning, what will you find? Will you stop aging? Lose your marbles? Would you like an adventure right away, or would you like your tea first? 

Remember: The moment you doubt that you are able to fly, you cease forever to be able to do it. So don’t doubt yourself. Your marbles are right where you left them, think happy thoughts.