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Mary Poppins may not be on many kids top five wish lists in terms of who to see at Disney, but she is a mainstay. She can be seen strolling around the Magic Kingdom with her white dress and parasol, and can also be found along with Alice and the Mad Hatter at 1900 Park Fare

Does she deserve her own meet and greet or even her own ride? Definitely. Wouldn’t a spot where you can have tea on the ceiling with Uncle Albert be a nice idea??? Or how about a walk through an English Countryside? Or some sort of adventure where you “tidy up” in a magical fashion?

Mary Poppins has her own style. A sense of fashion. It took twenty years for Walt Disney to secure the rights to P.L Travers’ book. The movie itself is practically perfect in every way. So why make a sequel? Why make us see Jane and Michael Banks “all grown up?”

The sequel, set to air in December of 2018 has Emily Blunt taking on the role originally played by Julie Andrews.  

Emily Mortimer and Ben Winshaw play the grown up Jane and Michael Banks.  As per Disney, Mary Poppins Returns, will be set 20 years after the events of the original 1964 film. The official synopsis reads: “In the story, Michael and Jane are now grown up, with Michael, his three children and their housekeeper, Ellen, living on Cherry Tree Lane. After Michael suffers a personal loss, the enigmatic nanny Mary Poppins re-enters the lives of the Banks family, and, along with the optimistic street lamplighter Jack, uses her unique magical skills to help the family rediscover the joy and wonder missing in their lives.”

Michael Garber, who played Michael Banks died of pancreatitis at the age of 21, so sadly will not even make a cameo appearance. There is a small possibility that Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke may make an appearance, and supposedly Ms. Andrews gave the movie a “seal of approval”. 

I will watch it but I hope that nothing takes anything away from the original feature film!!

Some questions for Mary Poppins if you see her walking around the magic kingdom: 

What do you have in your bag today?

Can you help me tidy up?

Where’s Bert? 

Can we have some tea?

Can you measure my height?

What does it feel like to fly?

How many times have you shaken hands with a chimney sweep?

Have you jumped into any paintings at the Magic Kingdom? If so, which ones?

*** Be aware, there are no fastpasses or photographers for Mary Poppins. According to a source, royalties were demanded by the original Mary Poppins and Disney refuses to give them out. 






What actually happens at the magic kingdom when the lights go out? No, not on one of the magic hours evenings, or during one of the special parade nights. On a regular night. After the evening parade and fireworks. Midnight on a regular day.  Some might say that all the statues come alive. They start to move.  This is the moment when they get to try the rides. They finally get to enjoy the “Magic”. 

Each of the 44 presidents in the Hall of Presidents get to mingle, they take a presidential march down main street, and then trot when they see the two lanters lit up in Liberty Square to indicate that the British are coming by sea – (yes, even the new one) click here. 

One statue in particular, the Cinderella Statue, close to the carousel, is often spotted climbing the 189 foot structure in order to get into her VIP suite. Why try and get into her own kingdom that way? Who knows. What I have heard is that the lavish VIP suite inside the castle can’t even be toured because it was originally intended for Walt and his family. It is only available to VIPs like Suri Cruise. Cinderella herself can’t even officially try the luxurious bedding in the finest suite in the castle. So she climbs in at night.


The five grooms in the wedding portraits in the Haunted Mansion start a game of poker. The winner gets the bride. (Did you know that the same bride is in ever portrait? You will figure it out when she comes after you with her hatchet!)

Suddenly Goofy appears – he got up from his bench in front of Tony’s restaurant because he wanted to try and pull the sword from the stone.  Even though the statues have mostly come alive, the magic of the sword comes alive and only a true king can pull out Excalibur. So Goofy is out of luck.  Click here for more info on the sword and the stone.

Goofy doesn’t like walking around the old and empty kingdom by himself. He’s looking to hold one of the hidden Mickey’s hands. Although approximately 1,000 Hidden Mickeys have been recorded throughout Disney, there has never been a list made up. The most common Hidden mickey is a formation of three circles that may be perceived as the silhouette of the head and ears of Mickey Mouse, the “Classic Mickey”. Mickeys can be painted, made up of objects, or even references such as a character wearing mouse ears.  They don’t all have hands, though.

Finally, Goofy finds the partners statue, and gets to hold Walt’s hand personally, with Mickey still on the other side. 

If you are ever lucky enough to be “stuck” at Disney when all this magic is going on, where would you eventually lay your head? 

My first choice might be The Beast’s Castle. But this choice is only for the brave, given all the enchantment that takes place in the castle even in the daylight. 

Just imagine the nighttime enchantment. I personally love the idea of experiencing all seasons at once: The forest in the fall, the snow. But I would never sleep in the West Wing. 

Having trouble imagining all this? Having trouble listening to all I’ve said? Don’t worry, your mind is NOT playing tricks on you. Or is it.

This really happens. 






You are in a large cavern with a huge stone covering the entrance. Inside are hollowed out shells. It’s cold. Damp. You’re not in Kansas anymore. 

You look around and see a statue of someone that looks slightly familiar. Something slippery slides past your ear. Wet and cold. You hear a whisper… can’t understand it. It’s small… is it..

No, not “oil can”. 

The whisper says “welcome to my grotto”.  The slippery slimy feeling you felt earlier? That was a fin, swimming past your ear. 


You’re actually in the water, but somehow you can breathe without any trouble at all, even without fins and gills. Here is a list of some of the greatest treasure collection ever found in the sea: 

Dinglehopper – best piece of the collection, otherwise known as a fork that combs hair


Snarfblatt – otherwise known as a tobacco pipe that somehow plays a melody


Gizmos and Gadgets – Things you wear around your neck



Candelabra – what else would you use to hang your gizmos and dinglehoppers? a candle would just fizzle out underwater anyway. 


Thingamabobs – also perfect to keep that bottle of wine from leaking


Bubbles… they just seem to be everywhere. 


How did you get there? It’s in the Magic Kingdom, just to the right of the Under the Sea Ride. You may have gotten a Fast Pass.. it’s quite possible. 




Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip.. That started from adventure island aboard this tiny ship: 


The mate was a mighty sailin lad, the Skipper brave and sure, 

20 passengers set sail that day, 

for an eight minute tour, 

an eight minute tour. 

The weather started getting rough

The tiny ship was tossed. 

If not for the courage of the fearless castmember, 

The ship would be lost, 

The ship would be lost. 

The ship set ground on the shore

Of this uncharted territory

With Captain Jack, (johnny depp sometimes appears!)

and the Skipper too, 

a dead millionaire

and his wife. 

A skeleton and golden chest, 

Here on Pirates of the Carribean!!

The ride will always be popular, so be sure to try and get a fast past. Interested in hearing about the revamping of the ride? Click here for the article




Can Frogs cook? Just ask the ninth official Disney princess, Princess Tiana.

Disney’s first African American Disney Princess can tell you all about being green because she has actually spent life as a frog. Her Disney character is based loosely on The Brother’s Grimm “Frog Prince” and another story, “The Frog Princess” by E.D. Baker. 

Tiana can be found at the Magic Kingdom in Princess Fairytale Hall and at Tiana’s Riverboat Ride, an ice cream social which we still haven’t tried. 

At roughly $50 for adults and $30 for children the ride seems kind of pricey to meet the princess and have ice cream(three different types of Edys ice cream), cupcakes, and cookie sandwiches. (The ride does not take the Disney Dining Plan). 

Princess Fairytale Hall is a fast pass must. Tiana can be found directly across from the carousel. While she is couples with Rapunzel, we are hoping they give her her own New Orleans style meet and greet real soon. 

Now, we’ve never stayed at Disney’s Port Orleans resort.

Without knowing exactly what is there, I really think that Disney should add more of a New Orleans style restaurant to the Magic Kingdom.  New Orleans food is amazing!!! Why stick Princess Tiana with an ice cream social when New Orleans is so famous for its cuisine? And Princess Tiana came from a family with a restaurant? Does this make sense to anyone else? 

There are so many real life New Orleans locations in The Princess and The Frog that could be capitalized on: The French Quarter, Cafe du Monde, St. Louis Cathedral, Steamboat Natchez, the riverfront, the St. Charles Avenue Streetcar, the Bywater, Marigny, and Treme neighborhoods, the Garden District, Lafayette Cemetery number one, Audubon Park, the Audubon Zoo, Bayou St. John and City Park. 

New Orleans has always been on our bucket list. If Disney could create more of a world for Tiana I would consider checking it off.

Louisiana’s culture, music and food are something to be celebrated. 

While we can’t all visit Louisiana,  here are some questions you should consider asking Princess Tiana if you run into her in the Magic Kingdom: 

  1. How high did you jump as a frog? 
  2. What was it like being a frog? 
  3. What did you like to eat as a frog? 
  4. What was your favorite part of being a frog?(you get the idea..)
  5. What’s your favorite food to cook as a princess?
  6. What was your family’s favorite food to eat? 
  7. Was it hard being a waitress? 
  8. Who was the president of the United States when you were a frog? (I believe it’s Wilson)
  9. Would you like to dance? 
  10. Do you cook as a princess? 






Does no leading man or love interest make you weak? Not if you’re the first Scottish Princess in the Disney franchise! As the 11th Disney Princess, headstrong Merida also has no singing part in her own movie Brave. 

She can be found in the Magic Kingdom, located in a cave on the way to Cinderella’s Castle. She is sort of hidden, and often you can be lucky enough to find that there is no real wait to see her.  I believe she is there most of the day, dancing to Scottish music and showing off her free spirit. 

She has no leading man to talk about when you see her, and doesn’t need one. 

Her vibrant red, curly hair and strong personality make her a great role model.  I haven’t seen her use her bow and arrow yet, and I’m kind of glad I haven’t. Also, try not to bring your mother with you – just in case 🙂

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Cinderella’s Royal Table: food fit for a Queen… and an experience fit for a really patient Diva

Some boys take a beautiful girl and hide her away from the rest of the world.. other families try like crazy to get a reservation at Cinderella’s castle before they finally get one.  What did we do with our lives? We landed a spot at an odd time for lunch, 2:55 – but grabbed it. While the food was absolutely delicious, the entire experience took a lot of patience. 

For those of you that don’t know, the entrance to Cinderella’s Royal Table is located in the famous castle,  the first thing you see when you get to the Magic Kingdom. The entrance is almost directly across from the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. So with two very popular places, the area is almost just as crowded as Penn Station in NYC at rush hour. 

Disney does not make waiting for your table very easy. When you go to check in with the hostess, you will be told that you have to wait until your reservation time to approach the desk – they will not take your name any sooner. Each guest has a reservation at 5 minute intervals. There is only one bench. So on a rainy day like ours, you will be confronted with crowds packed together uncertainly having no idea where to go. 

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We wanted to be the ones to walk in the sun.. but we were stuck. Just waiting for our exact time to be shouted out into the crowd.

Finally, 2:55pm rolled around. We were given a small receipt to hold and brought into a beautiful waiting room where Cinderella was waiting for us. By that time, our children were so hungry they had no interest whatsoever in meeting her. But we couldn’t sit at our table.. yet. We were forced to wait and watch Cinderella meet her fans while a cast member hit a gong every few seconds to announce the next person to be lucky enough to get a table.


Not to worry. Although this picture didn’t work out I think Cinderella may very well be the easiest princess to find at Disney. More on that later. 

The gong finally rings, possibly by this time it’s the middle of the night. Trust me. You will have to wait. We were finally seated for our 2:55pm reservation at 4. 

Our server was wonderful. We received wands and swords in exchange for our long wait.  We had a delicious meal – check out the menu here. And there were other princesses to meet! There is some sort of wishing song that is sung but we couldn’t hear anything. The acoustics were horrible.

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The restaurant is expensive($$$) (2 dining points for those on the plan). The experience takes lots of patience. But, the working day was done. We were on vacation. Both our girls definitely had fun, which is all that matters. 


Putting Service to the Test at Be Our Guest – Can we have some more?

What is more handsome than food?   Eat right through the menu, loosen your belt, and work up a new appetite at the Beast’s castle

We finally obtained a reservation at one of Disney’s top restaurant’s! I was so excited to experience the mysteries of the Beast’s Castle. 

While all the visuals and sound effects were absolutely AMAZING we were out of luck with our server..who basically forgot that we were there, ended up bringing us our requested bread after we had all completely finished our meal, and then ended up charging us for a nonexistent person.. so we need to go back and really experience it. It was clear that our neighbors at other tables were having a blast!!

After checking in with the hostess (at the end of the drawbridge), you are invited to cross the bridge, look around, and even encouraged to use the restroom and explore the entrance hall. 

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We were then escorted by a host who handed us a candle to help light our way to our tables. The interior is amazing. No matter where you sit, be sure to walk around and explore!  The Beast may very well be walking back and forth to his study, be wary! And don’t worry, you will be allowed to try and meet the Beast at the end of your meal. 

Once you pull up your chair, watch the show! Whether it be the snow falling outside the window, or the rose as its petals fall, or the Beast as he flies into a rage. The decor is absolutely amazing. 

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The food was delicious as well. We ate on the deluxe dining plan – so for one point were able to pick three courses. 

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Because we were celebrating a birthday, I had arranged for a specialty cupcake trio that was ordered ahead of time. It included the Grey Stuff which was definitely delicious and NOT TO BE MISSED!!

We absolutely loved Be Our Guest and can’t wait to try the lunch (which involves ordering from a computer and having your food magically find you). Our dining experience was delicious but would have been more memorable with a different server – so we are definitely going back!!! The Food was glorious and definitely worth the wait, we can only ask for More another time!

Overall rating? Food = 10; Decor = 10; Service = 3. 


Ohana Breakfast with Lilo and Stitch – Not to be missed!! 

We absolutely loved this breakfast! We had 730am reservations, so did not have to wait in the inevitable long line that builds up throughout the day due to the popularity of this restaurant. 

At around 730, Stitch greets all visitors with a professional photo pass photographer in tow, so have your autograph books ready!

Then, all of the servers give you an official Ohana greeting to start the day, which includes a short song.

You will then be led to your table. This is a family style breakfast – no need to get up and down to take from a buffet. Server will bring and replenish fruit, special Hawaiian bread, sausages, bacon, eggs, and Mickey and Stitch waffles.  Allergy friendly meals will be prepared upon request, including fried eggs. 

You will then meet: Pluto, Mickey, and Lilo! And there will be a parade where all children are invited to the floor with special musical shakers! This ranks among the best character breakfasts we’ve been to. 

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Life is full of decisions.. and these decisions shouldn’t be difficult, but for me they often are… I worry, worry, and then worry some more. I plan everything and see every possible ending coming to fruition. I predict the endings to most movies. I have already bought most of my Christmas presents. There’s something wrong with me.

Not only am I slightly scared of heights, but I get motion sickness. That didn’t stop me from going to Six Flags Great Adventure every single year growing up.. and also getting sick in the Six Flags bushes every year with someone’s parent holding my hair.  Would that be considered a bad decision? I still have great memories from the rides with friends I’ll never forget. And I survived. 

Every time I go on a roller coaster I think of the terrible stories I’ve heard about accidents on roller coasters. I worry I’m going to fall out, that the ride will break down and I’ll be stuck in a dark tunnel for hours. Don’t you?

I worry I’ll be another statistic.

Although there are several thrilling rides, many simulation roller coaster type adventures, there are only 7 official Disney world roller coasters that I can think of (correct me if I’m wrong, don’t hesitate): 

  1. The Barnstormer (Magic Kingdom/ Fantasyland)
  2. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (Magic Kingdom/ Fantasyland)
  3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Magic Kingdom/Frontierland)
  4. Primeval Whirl (Animal Kingdom/ Dinoland U.S.A)
  5. Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom/ Tomorrowland)
  6. Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom/ Asia)
  7. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith (Hollywood Studios/ Sunset Blvd)

Am I forgetting an official roller coaster? My favorite remains and probably always will be the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, but the past two times I have been to Hollywood Studios it’s been down for maintenance.  Usually you can wait in line and hope that the ride is open, and even possibly get a fast past for the ride should it open later – but I haven’t had the patience to do that. I found this video on youtube:

You’re on a roller coaster, the whole world is upside down. Don’t worry about what might happen to you – just make sure you’re strapped in and hanging on tight.  And make sure you’re smiling during that deathly plunge. There’s usually a hidden camera somewhere. 

Careful!!! They snap a photo.