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   They go bump in the night and send shivers down your spine. Your nightmares.  The stairs creak because a ghost is walking. Do these things keep you awake at night? Then you probably shouldn’t keep reading.

        Something that feels so right has to be.. wrong, right? Or at least eerily spooky? Disney is so much fun that there have to be some skeletons hiding in the closet, or “secret underworld” that lies behind the scenes.  

Ever wonder why the light is kept on in the apartment above the firehouse on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom? No, there are not firefighters in there. That is Walt Disney’s actual apartment.  After Walt died, Disney employees tried to turn the light off but it always turns back on.. 


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  • The Pirates of Caribbean Ride is constructed with real bones, I have mentioned this before.  Do cast member still conveniently dispose bodies there? That’s for you to guess and for me to never find out. 


  • Disney’s Main Street is haunted by more than just Walt Disney.  A lady in white wonders the streets at all hours. She was killed on Main Street’s grounds before Disney built his empire. She has never been put to rest, and is constantly wandering the streets and checking storefronts for her children. Legend has it that she has been known to have guided actual lost children to the Baby Care Center. Would you trust her with your kids? Instead of telling my kids to look for “the lady in white” I usually make sure that we all decide on a designated area should they get lost.. but that’s just me. 
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  • Do you ever ride the monorail? One teenager tried to sneak into Disneyland in 1966 by climbing a fence, a fence that led right to the monorail tracks. He was then decapitated, run over by the same train that was supposed to take him to experience the joy of Disney.  If you look closely, more than a few people have spotted him running alongside the train. 
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  • Several people report that a small boy stands at the exit of the Haunted Mansion, crying. When a guest or employee tries to speak to him, he ignores them as if they are not there.  Well, he is not there. He is of another dimension. Possibly one of the ashes scattered around the Haunted Mansion.  Click here to learn more. 

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Is your spine tingling yet? There are more real life accounts of employees who have passed in very gruesome ways, but I will save these for another day.



Mickey’s not so Scary Halloween Party has been going on since AUGUST (starts in August now every year), so this post is a little late, but I DON’T apologize!!

Here are five things NOT to DO at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party: 

*DON’T look for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Part at Epcot, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom. The location of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is the Magic Kingdom.* DON’T use up all of your energy at the parks during the day. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party happens after 7pm, at dusk. You will need all of your energy to enjoy the Not So Scary Events. 

Conserve energy
* DON’T forget to take advantage of some of the special table service dining options that you might not otherwise be able to get a reservation for. Some restaurants stay open longer to welcome Halloween Party guests. It’s a great way to get a reservation at Be our Guest, for example. * DON’T forget to wear a costume. Adults may dress up as their favorite Disney Character but cannot sign autographs! No inappropriate outfits or weapons are permitted, you could be stopped at the gate. Consider dressing your kids up in an outfit that is not very hot and will help you to easily spot them in any crowds. * DON’T get all caught up in trick or treating. Yes, adults can trick or treat without getting strange looks. There will even be a bag given to you at the entrance. But the lines at the “candy” stations are long. Getting to the front of the line is anti-climactic.  There are other things to do. A Vampirina area in the Storybook Circus for kids, an appearance by the headless horseman, villains galore, late night rides, and even a parade! There is much more to do than wait in line for candy!

Easy to spot costumes

Look for the people holding signs to get your treat bag
Even the rocks may talk to you


Did you hear about the guests who try and secretly scatter their loved ones ashes into The Haunted Mansion? How about the real HUMAN bones contained in parts of The Pirates of Caribbean?  

Apparently they both exist. Just ask Johnny Depp, who sometimes hangs out in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride for fun. They both exist year round.

The happiest place on earth is rumored to also be the most haunted place on earth. It makes sense, given the amount of people that come in and out of Disney Parks on a daily basis. Something is bound to go wrong, and the park is bound to cover it up. When awful things get covered up, they often erupt like a volcano at the worst moments – becoming your worst nightmare.  Disney should really have been more careful if they wanted to keep the park from becoming haunted.

There are Disney secrets that go bump in the night and make you wonder if someone is sitting in a dark corner staring at you while you sleep. The bugs crawling all over your skin. The feeling you get when you are trying to scream but nothing is coming out to make the sound. Falling.. and falling.. and still falling.

Halloween is the holiday where the most candy is sold and second only to Christmas in terms of overall retail sales. In other words, it’s popular. It doesn’t always have to be scary, but usually being scary makes it the most fun.

The holiday began as the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. The Celtics believed that the barrier between the human world and the world of spirits weakened at the end of the summer, allowing the ghosts to break the barrier and wander the earth. To prevent the ghosts from breaking that barrier, the culture held a huge party to frighten them back to the world of spirits.

The day rose in popularity along with the rise in Christianity, “All Hallows Eve” the day before All Saints Day.  Irish immigrants arriving to America raised the popularity of the ghoulish holiday in the 19th Century.  In Ireland, Jack-O-Lanterns were carved out of turnips. I’m guessing that turnips were hard to find in America, and the pumpkin became the go-to creature to scare away spirits. That’s good for all of us today, given the fact that the unfortunate turnip doesn’t smell half as delicious as the pumpkin!!! 

Given the number of horror stories hidden around Disney parks, I guess it’s not that surprising that Disney starts celebrating Halloween early -select nights (32 nights total!!) starting in August. Click here to find out more about this Not So Scary Halloween Party.   They say it’s not scary, but the advertisements look scary enough to me. Apparently, the party is really appropriate for all ages.  It makes sense that there are 32 nights of Halloween at Disney. Considering that the park is possibly the most haunted on earth, the spirits and ghouls are probably fighting for more nights next year. Wouldn’t you be if you were a ghost?

Where are they taking those bones??