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Probably not. Let’s face it. The songs are not as catchy as the first movie. There is only one, Aurora – Into the Unknown:

Maybe we’ll sing along to this one. But is it worth going to the movies AGAIN to see the second sing along version. Only if you have absolutely nothing to do in the house, including laundry – which I always have. Thinking of getting your teeth pulled? Maybe do that first. 

Yet, it is playing in theaters as we speak. And only for a select time, folks!! It looks to me is that they just added words whenever there is a song – so that your toddlers can READ along, right? Give me a break. 

I guess some things really do never change. Maybe Disney will be selling their new Frozen Karaoke machines in theaters too, it wouldn’t surprise me. 

But, if you still haven’t gone into the unknown and seen Frozen II, don’t let this stop you. It really is worth watching. 

Anyone hoping that Disney Hollywood Studios will now revamp their Frozen Sing Along, now that really would be great. 



You won’t have to climb a mountain of snow to find Olaf. In fact, you won’t have to even layer up. He is surrounded by special powers, remember? So he won’t ever melt! Not even if you throw a bucket of water on him.

When Elsa left Arendelle, she started playing with the very magic she had been forced to hide, she “let it go”. The magic she created had to do with happy memories – and one of those involved childhood activities with her sister and a snowman who loved warm hugs. Her favorite memories were of the fun games she used to play as a child.

Seasons came and changed the time. But thankfully, Elsa and Anna came along and protected Olaf from his otherwise “wet” fate. He permanently resides in Elsa and Anna’s castle.
Olaf’s lair can be found in Hollywood Studios, to the left of the Frozen Spectacular. We were a bit worried, because when we walked in, there was a huge puddle in front of the doorway. And it had not been raining that day!!
Because Olaf is not a human character, he does not speak. He also cannot sign his autograph because his arms and hands are made of sticks. So you can’t really ask him questions and you can’t get his autograph. But what can you do? Hug him. He won’t melt.



If you think that you are seeing double when you visit Elsa (age 21) and Anna (age 18) at the Royal Sommerhus in Epcot’s Norway pavilion, you probably are. Due to the immense popularity of our favorite Norwegian sisters, there are multiple Elsas and Annas at the meet and greet, in separate rooms, of course.  Even though there may not be a long visible line, be aware that the line at the cottage moves somewhat slowly. The hut has a cute interior but there is not much to see. – they keep the back visiting rooms hidden because of the multiple pairs of sisters.

Wait times to see the pair of are statistically much better than they were at the Magic Kingdom. The Frozen Ever After Ride has taken the wait time trophy – with wait times totaling almost two hours. (Take a look at my Royal Akershus Review, here, for a tip on getting into the Frozen Ever After Ride and avoiding the wait.)  As much as I recommend dining here, don’t expect to see Anna and Elsa at Akershus. For reasons I can’t fathom they are not one of the princesses who visit while you eat!!

Speaking of sisters, have you noticed that these sisters are always together?  Even though Elsa is the first ever Disney princess to be crowned on screen, given her strong bond with her sister, she hardly separates from Anna when at the Disney Parks.  Elsa and Anna’s creator actually held a sisterly summit to understand what sisterly relationships were like. That bond is apparent when you meet them.

The movie Frozen is based on the Hans Christian Anderson Tale, The Snow Queen. (Say “Hans”, “Kristoff”, “Anna”, and “Sven” really fast). We highly recommend reading the original. It can be found here:
Hans Christian Andersen: The Complete Fairy Tales and Stories (Anchor Folktale Library)

In their new home at the Royal Sommerhus, both sisters stay true to character. Anna is spunky and friendly, while Elsa is kind but extremely reserved. If you just want to give the sisters a wave, you can find them at the Festival of Fantasy parade in the magic kingdom – I suggest standing by the Harmony Barber Shop for a good view. There is absolutely no way to meet the characters in the parade.

When you do see Elsa, ask her how she maintains her 420,000 strands of hair so beautifully!! I know I couldn’t do it so well! Ask Anna to tell you about the crocus, Arendelle’s royal crest.


Akershus Royal Banquet Hall Review

Every time we go to Disney, we love to stop by Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. The food from Norway is absolutely OUT of this world. When you go for lunch, you are met by a princess, usually Belle, who takes a picture with you (photo pass photographer present).

Then, you are escorted to your table and allowed to sample the buffet, which is unique compared to other Disney resort buffets, as it is replete with Norway fare such as salmon, cured meats, and cheeses! Sometime towards the end of lunch/dinner, if you have children with you, they will be escorted to the middle of the room to start the princess parade!! It’s fantastic!

This year, we were a bit nervous about getting into the Royal Hall with the addition of the new Frozen ride in Norway – we could not get a fastpass in Norway to match the lunch reservation that we got at the banquet hall!!!

So what did I do, I made an early morning BREAKFAST reservation!!! In some ways it was the best and worst decision of the entire trip!! Why was it the best? Well, we entered Epcot early because of the breakfast reservation!! and the FROZEN ride was open!! we rode it twice before being allowed in the castle for breakfast!!

Why was it the worst? Well breakfast had no princess parade, and the food was not worth the price of castle entry. We just received two or three hotplates of scrambled eggs, bacon/sausage, and hash. There weren’t even Mickey waffles at the buffet!!!

So, while I would highly recommend the early entry/breakfast route, only do it if you are willing to drop $270 on a substandard breakfast!! Otherwise the princess castle is fantastic!

Stay tuned for the Mouse family’s detailed comparison of Cinderalla’s Royal Table vs. Akershus – we have a reservation at the Royal Table in August!!


Careful!!! They snap a photo.