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Why does Disney Like ‘Em Apples So Much?

Has anyone else noticed the bag of Disney apples at Costco? The organic Galas with the Mickey designs? What is it with Disney and Apples? 

Does an apple a day keep the doctor away? Or will it possibly put you in a sleep-like death? 

apple picking.jpg

The Poison Apple is blood red and magic,  which, when bitten, will send its victim into the Sleeping Death. One who eats the Poison Apple A victim will only be revived by love’s first kiss. It is used by the Witch in an attempt to get rid of Snow White, in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It is also well-known as her trademark object.

The Poison Apple is also used in House of Mouse, and labelled “Sleeping Apples”. It has been used in Enchanted, Once Upon a Time, Descendants and Ralph Breaks the Internet. 


Now, wherever we go, when we see an apple, we think “be careful, it could be poison”. … and it very well might be, so be careful. 




While it won’t ever be the mane event, it will be close.

The new Lion King Movie is set to release on July 19, 2019.  

What a cast!

Here are five things to look forward in the upcoming movie. 

  • Beyonce. Need I say more? The Grammy winning star will play lioness Nala, Simba’s childhood friend.  Are you wondering what Beyonce will be singing? Well, there will only be four songs from the original movie: “Can you Feel the Love Tonight”, “Hakuna Matata”, “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King”, and “Circle of LIfe”.  I’m sure Beyonce’s voice will be highlighted with a few more.  



  • Jon Favreau – After his success with The Jungle Book, Jon Favreau is contributing his talents to reimagine Simba’s rise to power. One of his main goals: Honoring the original movie. He never wants to ruin the memory of someone’s favorite movie. 


  • Elton John – Did you know that Elton John’s middle name is Hercules???? John famously won an award for the Original Lion King Soundtrack and he is back behind the scenes of the music for the new remake. Looks as if he was destined to work with the magic of Disney.


  • 2019 – It’s 2019. The original Lion King was made in 1994 (I was 14 years old!!). We have new technology, new capabilities. I’m sure amazing things will be done with the live action animation. You can have a love for both films, I promise. Who here is going to the movies in July??

Hope is in the air and it feels good

Feeling good takes effort sometimes. You have to hope – think positive, and think of the glass half full as opposed to almost empty.  

Why do we feel good? Because our next Disney Trip is around the corner – 119 days around the corner to be exact.  While it may seem a little tedious, and even a little stressful, we count the days. 

Our dining reservations were made 61 days ago to the minute. Otherwise, we may have missed out. Early breakfast reservations were made in certain parks like Hollywood Studios in order to try and get an early shot at Toy Story World if we are unable to get in with a Fast Pass reservation. That was 61 days ago. 

In exactly 59 days to a tee, because we are staying at a Disney resort, we will try and get Fast Pass reservations. If we weren’t staying at a Disney resort, we would have to wait 79 days. 

These are the numbers, along with bills, wake up times, and birthdays,  that rule our lives.

I’m sure when he created Walt Disney World, Walt didn’t imagine having to make people plan like this. I’ve heard many people say  that it ruins their vacation to have to count the days like this. To have to wake up at a CERTAIN TIME to get to a ride by a CERTAIN TIME and have to eat at a CERTAIN TIME. 

For me, though, it’s a countdown. I like to plan. To arrange our schedule and know that we are all set. 

Because the magic of Disney is that there will always be a semi surprise around the corner. 

Have a question about the timing of things? Just ask. It can be a little confusing. And trust us, it will be worth it to follow through. 

Trust me. We figured this out 58 days ago on our last trip. 

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Who put the kumbucha in Disney?

The short answer is noone. But I think that at some point Disney is going to jump on the kombucha bandwagon. I mean, why wouldn’t they? It’s healthy – and a new craze.  

So what is kombucha? Kombucha is produced by fermenting tea using a symbiotic mixture of bacteria and yeast. – I know, doesn’t that sound delicious??? But it really is. It has been claimed that Kombucha teas cure asthma, cataracts, diabetes, diarrhea, gout, herpes, insomnia and rheumatism. They are purported to shrink the prostate and expand the libido, reverse grey hair, remove wrinkles, relieve haemorrhoids, lower hypertension, prevent cancer, and promote general well-being. 


I definitely see a kombucha cart coming to Epcot, don’t you? Maybe somewhere in the Asias?



There’s a great big hunk of world down there, with no fence around it. And beyond those distant hills, who knows what wonderful experience. 

Having a bit of drama in your relationship? Go to Italy. You’ll find olive trees and an authentic wine cellar. We still haven’t tried the food, but I’ve heard it’s delicious.  To stay drama free, Lady and her Tramp are forever perched by Epcot, in Italy. Why Italy? Because the romance of Italy is demonstrated in the Venetian architectures: Bridges, Towers, and fountains.

Side by Side with your loved one, you’ll find enchantment in Italy.  I just wish there were some rides or attractions. Why not a Gondola ride? or a dance? Something is definitely missing.

Did you know: 

  1. Lady from Lady and the Tramp is based on a real live dog named “Lady?”
  2. Tramp from Lady and the Tramp was based on a female dog from the poind that Walt Disney later adopted? 
  3. It took fifteen years to finish Lady and The Tramp, because of WWII
  4. Peggy Lee, the famous singer, was the voice behind those two evil Siamese cats
  5. Walt gave his wife Lillian a puppy in a hatbox, much like the scene in the movie. 

The question remains: Where do Lady and Her Tramp like to grab a bite? They run over the hills on an adventure to the Magic Kingdom, where they have a special table at Tonys Town Square Restaurant – which has become an entire restaurant dedicated to the happy couple.


Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show – it it worth it?

Short answer? No. For years I have had family members want to go to this and I have avoided it. Not this year. We went. 

Disney advertises it as a celebration of the spirit of aloha with spellbinding dancers, drummers, and a show-stopping fire-knife performer.  There are different tiers of seating: 1, 2, and 3. If you are dining on the Disney dining plan, you are only allowed category 2 or 3 seating. This means you will be somewhere in the middle or back. While you may be able to see the stage, your view will be slightly obstructed (as depicted here). 


For our 5:15pm performance, there were huge gaps in the performance on stage. We got through dinner and dessert before any spell binding dancers or drummers came out. The food wasn’t to die for. One plate of appetizers, one platter of ribs/pork/chicken/rice, and one dessert tray.  Children can separately order pizza. The only performance we actually saw (or heard from our seats) was one by Auntie Wini herself. 

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If you’re in the front one, category I seating, you probably get a great show whenever the performers come out. There is also a nice moment where people in the audience are asked to come out and learn the dance. 

We, did not even see the fire performers because it was an impossible environment for families with small children. If you are just adults out for a good time, try it. You may love it.  






A talented icon, Elvis was born on January 8, 1935. He died on August 16, 1977.  At only 42 years old, he had accomplished more than most of us in a full lifetime. 


Was he ever at Disneyworld? probably not. Disneyland opened on July 17, 1955. Was he there? 

Disneyworld opened on October 1, 1971 – 6 years before his death. Was he there? 

In an interview, his daughter Priscilla says he was such a star that he could never enjoy a typical amusement park… for obvious reasons.  Do we believe that? Some say he couldn’t go to Disneyland because it was so popular, but he did go to Liberty Amusement Park with Priscilla when the parks were closed. 

Here is an impersonator at Disneyland 4th of July weekend.  Does anyone know if the real Elvis ever entered Walt’s building?

Elvis never appeared in a Disney movie as far as I know, but his songs are sometimes heard, such as here….:



I never met you, but my tongue gets tied when I try to speak. Let’s walk up to the preacher and say I do. Or at least agree that you are missed.




This used to be Disney’s playground. His pride and joy began at the age of 19/20 when he began shooting his first series of films with a 4 year old actress named Virginia Davis.  On October 16, 1923, “Alice’s Day at Sea”began production. So even though some people think it all started with a mouse, it really all began with a character named Alice. 

Walt Disney clearly did not write the famous “Alice in Wonderland”, which was created by Lewis Carroll. Disney did feel that Alice in Wonderland was the perfect story medium for his early career as a filmmaker.  It took him about twenty years to recreate Lewis Carroll’s story in its entirety.

Here’s an excerpt from the first film made with Virginia Davis playing Alice, taken from Youtube. 

 The films began shooting in Missouri,  in Virginia’s actual home, because Walt was operating on a limited budget. Disney eventually moved the entire production to Hollywood, LA, where his brother Roy was recovering from tuberculosis. They set up a small studio in a garage, negotiating with a film distributor to produce one “Alice” picture a month. 

Virginia was paid $100 a month starting out. By the end of the year it went up to $200 a year – which was a great salary for the early 1920s.  

Some people think that Virginia Davis was eventually replaced by Disney because she aged out of the role. The truth is that she ended up moving on because her mother was not happy with her contract. Ms. Davis’ mom even turned down the speaking role of “Snow White”, which would have required her daughter to stop working for three years while the film was in production. Can you imagine living your entire life knowing that you turned down that role? 

They always say “no regrets”. But I am sure she regretted her mother’s decision to turn down her new contract. Over the next twenty years, until the 1940s, Davis went onto work for other studios in other films, sometimes under the screen name of “Mary Daily”. After she was married in 1943, she slowly ended her film career to start a family.

In 2009, Virginia Davis passed away at the age of 90. August 15th will mark the anniversary of her death. Although there were several child actors before her, she certainly made her mark as one of the more memorable early film stars of the United States, even preceeding Shirley Temple (who also had beautiful curls). 

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I once knew a mouse who didn’t have a house… and he crossed into mine. When a real live mouse first crossed my path, I wanted to put an outfit on him right away. My mom, on the other hand, called our next door neighbor and borrowed a cat. The cat, a natural predator, took care of my potential friend right away. 

Disney is one of the few companies that seems to humanize mice: 

  • Cinderella 
  • Dumbo
  • The Rescuers
  • The Rescuers Down Under
  • The Aristocrats
  • Ratatouille (my favorite!)

Don’t forget the most famous mice: Mickey & Minnie and family.  While Mickey and Minnie don’t have standard human names, most of the others do (Gus, Bianca, Mortimer, Jaq, Olivia..) Pink Floyd called it’s mouse “Gerald”. 

Why are mice so human in Disney films? Does anyone know whether Walt or his family had any special experiences with mice? Were they especially loyal to him? Did they make him any cute outfits to go to a ball?  Perhaps they cooked him breakfast

I haven’t been able to figure it out. And where do Tom and Jerry fit in (Metro Goldwyn-Mayer rivals)? Which mice came first? As much as I feel for the mice in Disney films, I still don’t think I’ll let them cook for me, even if the mouse I meet has a human name.