Top 5 general things NOT to do at a Disney Park

1. Don’t ever go into a souvenir store when your kids are AWAKE unless you have angels for kids😭🙈😭🙈😭🙈

2. If you are traveling with a stroller DONT Park it anywhere but official stroller parking, or it’s sure to be moved somewhere completely Remote when you return, hot, tired and ready to throw your kids in.

3. Don’t expect to get into most restaurants in the Park without a reservation. You’ll be sure to find yourself starving and wolfing down expensive junk food unless you make your reservation 180 days in advance. Mickey popcorn is good, but not that good.

4. Don’t wait more than 20 minutes and time see a character. Nobody in a dress and a wig is worth waiting hours for. You can find characters at most restaurants and the line for others usually dwindles at certain times of the day.

No character is worth an hour wait full of screaming kids and bathroom emergencies

5. Don’t forget – you are supposed to be having fun! You can always come back so relax, don’t throw yourself at the day full force. Take your time and enjoy!

**** And if a sign says do not enter or out of service, don’t enter or use! TRUST US


I don’t mean to cause a stir but the word is out. Disney Resorts do take packages. So instead of dragging the necessities to my Boardwalk suite next week I will be mailing myself from laundry detergent, sunblock, and razors. Thankfully diapers or not on my list of necessities ANY LONGER. 

So what needs to be enclosed on your box? Your name c/o the name of the lead guest. Your reservation number and check in date. And the exact address of your Disney Resort Hotel. 

It’s to bad we can’t jump in a box and mail ourselves.


The only cup you’ll ever need…




This isn’t just a cup — it’s a Resort lifeline!!! The first stop, after check-in of course, should be to buy this Resort refillable mug – about 17.95.  It will be good for free non-alcoholic beverages throughout your stay.. including COFFEE!!. 

While the cup cannot be refilled for free inside the Disney Parks, it is good for refills in EVERY DISNEY PARK RESORT!! (Even in a resort that you are not staying in at the time). THROUGHOUT THE LENGTH OF YOUR STAY! 

My favorite thing to do in the morning is to wake up, go to the gym with my resort cup in hand, and grab a cup of coffee on the way back. It’s a total lifesaver!

The cup “magically” turns off its ability to work the soda machines at the end of your stay, but anytime you can come you can always fill it with coffee!!