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Restaurant Marrakesh in Epcot – A new fantastic sight to see!

Wasn’t sure quite what to expect when we walked in here – we happened to stop in on our search for Princess Jasmine — but it was beautiful, amazing, entertaining, and quite filling!! We didn’t reserve a table and luckily, there were plenty. The entrance is beautiful, with two hostesses in traditional Moroccan garb in a carpeted and ornate entryway – the children were fascinated.

Visitors have a chance to sample exotic Moroccan cuisine while enjoying Moroccan entertainment (see belly dancer, below – she even came over and invited the kids to dance!). The belly dancer performs once an hour all day.

Surrounded by scents from the mid-east, visitors can sample Bastilla appetizers (meat or seafood baked in a thin pastry with vegetables or almonds), traditional couscous and kabobs are also on the menu. Click here to link with the official restaurant menu on Disney’s site.  Try the appetizer sampler for two and don’t miss the Moroccan Mint Tea. Come with an appetite!! This place is really filling.


A new world hits Animal Kingdom.. Do we dare enter Pandora, the World of Avatar?

A world where every living thing that crawls, flies or squats in the mud wants to kill you and eat your eyes came to Disney on May 26th, 2017. Word is that select annual pass holders have even previewed the world.. and lived to tell their story. 

Click here for Disney’s official page  Click here for Disney’s latest announcement!!!


Guests will be able to experience flying on top of a banshee, follow the Na’vi River, and walk under floating mountains. 

The adventurous may try to sample the international cuisine at the Satu’li Canteen. All energy is mainly borrowed, so to conserve energy at the canteen folks will be able to try out the relatively new Mobile Order system from Disney and skip the lines. You will actually be able to order and pay for your food using the Disney Experience App – click here to read about it on Disney’s official blog! All you’ll have to do is tap an “I’m here” button to pick up your food. 

Rumor has it that Disney is still working out the kinks.. for instance all rides may not yet be handicap accessible or accommodate the large boned, heavier group of visitors that may cross Pandora’s border...

Rumor also has it that lines are incredibly incredibly long..!! I hear that there may be an unknown back gate that people haven’t discovered with shorter lines…

Things to look out for: 

  1. Matching with a Banshee – For the low price of $49.95, guests will be able to take home a robotic shoulder banshee. A leash will wrap around the owner’s waist as the banshee responds to commands such as flying. Pick them up at the Wintraders shop in Animal Kingdom. 
  2. Also at Windtraders, by a set of Na’vi ears, a Na’vi tail, or a Na’vi translator to learn the language. 
  3. Interact with a collection of instruments at the Sacred Place of Song, Swotu Waya. 
  4. The Na’vi River Journey Boat ride with bioluminescent foliage and a singing Shaman of Songs at the journey’s end.

As they say, sometimes, your life boils down to one insane move.. Do you dare enter? I think we will, but my mind is not made up yet.



Stay on Target!! and be patient.. Star Wars is on its way to Disney!!

You can’t stop change any more than you can stop the suns from setting and change is coming to Disney!!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is already packed with Star Wars entertainment (you can’t get away from those storm troopers when you first hit the main stage/Disney Junior entrance), and in 2019 a new Star Wars themed land is set to open in Hollywood Studio and Disneyland California!! Rumor has it that guests will be transported to a never before seen planet upon entrance to the land of Star Wars.

Star Wars Land WON’T re-create locations from the movie (disappointingly). The creators want to create new destinations. Destinations that have always been part of the Star Wars world, but not often recognized.  For those Star Wars cartographers, don’t worry – the location will still be on the map.  The land will be about 14 acres!!  Be careful, traveling through cyberspace won’t be like dusting crops!

The most familiar characters will be there and visitors will be able to enter the most memorable aircraft there is: The Millennium Falcon. Guests will get to steer the vessel through space and fire laser cannons, finding themselves in an intense battle between storm troopers and the resistance.

For food, the land has promised to feature a Mos Eisley Cantina filled with family fare.

At this point, Disney feels its the most epic creation they have ever undertaken!! I am definitely excited to visit!! Remember – your focus will determine your reality.