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We didn’t make our usual August trip his year.. so opening day we created our own galaxy at home. Here’s what others are saying about the new Star Wars World at Disney World. 

photo credit: Orlando Sentinel

The Orlando Sentinel reports 5 hour plus lines and huge crowds. While I was thinking we would have to arrive at the gates by 5 to get in, crowds began forming outside of Hollywood Studios as early as 3:30am on August 29, 2019. 

At 4:45am, Disney opened the Hollywood Studio gates to allow the building crowd to move forward. 

There are no advance reservations. Some lucky people (probably the 3:30am crowd) were able to get right on the Millennium Falcon. Others waited 5 hours to try the ride. By the end of the day, the wait time for the ride was only 75 minutes. Rise of the Resistance, the second Star Wars World Ride, opens on December 5, 2019. My understanding is that there will be no fast passes allowed for Star Wars rides in the near future. 



There are cool snacks and delicacies to sample, including blue milk (milk with coconut, pineapple, and a little watermelon). And if you want to stock up on souvenirs, feel free to buy a bunch of Coca Cola. TSA recently released a statement saying that the thermal detonator-style Coca Cola products sold at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge were not allowed on carry-on or checked luggage due to their resemblance to actual explosives. 


The policy has now changed. 

Per the Orlando Sentinel:

It’s OK to fly home with the Coca-Cola cans shaped like thermal detonators sold at Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge, TSA said Friday. People who want to take them home as souvenirs should put them in checked baggage or empty the cans and stick them in a carry-on item, the TSA said.

The Transportation Security Administration, which handles security at airports, had been reviewing its policy after online posts saying the cans were banned went viral. On Friday, TSA issued a new statement, saying, “We have completed our review, and instructed our officers to treat these as an oversized liquid.”

Good news for some!


And if you aren’t able to make the grand opening and don’t feel like dealing with crowds, all you need to do is make a cake (black/white)(dark side/jedi), decorate, put on some costumes. And you will almost feel like you are at Disney World. 



Fascinated by the artistic process? Love Disney themes? Here is a glimpse of a sample of art displayed at the 2019 festival of the arts at Epcot. Keep in mind that on top of the artwork displayed, many booths highlight the artist and may even have the actual artist present.

Here are some great pictures of some of the art displayed, including some handmade bronze statutes:

Music is art! Which is why there is also a Disney on Broadway Concert Series, featuring show stopping songs from Disney musicals.

Performance Artists are also tactfully set up all over Epcot. It’s surely not to be missed and we hope to bring you more inside views of this artfully planned Epcot festival.



Don’t forget one thing: It all started with a mouse. Mickey Mouse. 

All these years, we have not had a chance to join Mickey in his animated world. And now we can. This is the first ever ride through attraction featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse. 

Mickey and Minnie are getting their own ride with a NEW STORY and THEME SONG.  It starts out with a picnic. A 2 1/2 dimensional picnic.  A flat world will be transformed into an unconventional dimension.

Few people have experienced life without seeing Mickey Mouse. But we have never gone into their animated world. You will get to ride in side the wacky world of a Mickey Mouse cartoon short. Anything can happen, especially with Goofy as the train engineer. But Mickey and Minnie will be there to help you out of trouble. 

We have been promised dazzling visual effects, twists and turns, and mind boggling scenarios. It’s going to be a mousterpiece!  With more hidden mickeys than any other attraction in the theme park. 

bridge clouds cloudy dark clouds
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 Possible Month for Opening? April of 2019. 



“It’s a Small World” is probably the most popular ride- traditionally- in the Magic Kingdom. It is family friendly, for all ages and sizes. But there are still some things you should never do on “It’s a Small World”. 

  1.  Don’t put your hands in the water while riding the boat. This ride made its mark at the 1964 World’s Fair. I doubt you are riding in filtered water. You could be riding in basically the same water they had in 1964. That is water that is over forty years old! And dirty! Also, we have never heard of an alligator sighting, but be careful – and keep your hands in the boat!close up of bottle pouring water on glass
  2. Photo by Pixabay on
  3.  Don’t worry about a Fast Pass (on non holidays). The line for this ride usually moves pretty quickly because there are so many boats. You do not have to run like crazy to get on this ride and beat the crowd. The one perk of a fast pass? Your name MAY show up somewhere along the ride. So do it for that reason only.people doing marathon
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  5.  Don’t go on this ride looking for thrills and chills. As I said before, this is NOT a scary ride. You do not go fast or upside down. You go on here to relax. There is no screaming on this ride. Please do NOT scream. You will upset people.
  6.  Do NOT plan on learning a new language on this ride. Yes, seven languages and twenty five countries are represented on the journey. But you will be so busy looking at all of the beautiful scenery that I doubt you will pick up a language that quickly.  If you want to try: English, Portuguese, German, French, Chinese, Spanish, and Italian! The ride can be found at five Disney Parks and Three Continents so go ahead and try.
  7.  Don’t be afraid to sing a long. Below are the lyrics to get you started
  8.   Finally, DO look up as the ride is beginning. People often hold up signs from the Pinocchio Haus

   It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears. It’s a world of hopes and a world of fears.

There’s so much that we share

That it’s time we’re aware
It’s a small world after all

 It’s a small world after all
 It’s a small world after all
 It’s a small world after all

It’s a small, small world

There is just one moon and one golden sun
And a smile means friendship to everyone.

Though the mountains divide
           And the oceans are wide
           It’s a small world after all

            It’s a small world after all
            It’s a small world after all
            It’s a small world after all
            It’s a small, small world



  1. DON’T Forget Eeyore’s birthday. One of Eeyore’s true passions is being remembered on his birthday. He likes to blow out the candles on the cake while his friends join him in the celebrating.  Want to mark your calendars for this year? Circle May 10th! Be sure to buy a red balloon! “Thanks for noticing me”
  2. DON’T Ask Eeyore if his house looks like it is falling down. If you ask him, he will FLIP OUT. He is constantly worried that his house is going to fall down. He is always rebuilding his house because Pooh and Piglet built his original house with the wrong kind of sticks – also the woozles are constantly bouncing it down.
  3. If you happen to see that Eeyore’s tail has fallen off, don’t ask Eeyore if you can fix it.  That is a job that falls exclusively to Christopher Robin. Are you looking for the tail? Try Owl’s house. Sometimes Owl likes to use Eeyore’s tail as a bell pull. “It’s just a tail”. 
  4. Don’t ask if you can ride him – or bounce him. He DOESN’T LIKE TO BE BOUNCED
  5. Don’t ask him to do your Spelling homework. He can’t spell.
  6. DO Ask Eeyore if he would like to eat some Thistles. He will say “Yes”. Also feel free to ask him for help with your garden.

Places to find Eeyore in Disney World: At Walt Disney World, Eeyore can be sometimes be met in the Magic Kingdom next to the Pooh attraction, but not all the time. Eeyore features everyday, all day, at theCrystal Palace Buffet on Main Street. In Disneyland Paris, Eeyore is sometimes near “it’s a small world”, or outside Plaza Inn on Central Plaza.  In California, Eeyore can usually be found in Critter Country near the Pooh attraction. In Tokyo Disneyland Eeyore can occasionally be found near the main entrance in World Bazaar, and always at the character dining at the Crystal Palace.



No need to worry if where your are going is as good as we’re you’re been.

Excited about an upcoming Disney Trip? Wondering what you will need? 

I’ll speak to those who leave for Disney on a jet, or any type of plane.  Those who drive may have a bit more flexibility as far as packing

If you are flying into Disney early, I highly suggest packing on the plane LIGHT, so that you don’t have to worry about leaving a bunch of carry on luggage in the hotel while you walk around waiting for your room.  By light, I mean, think about WEARING your bathing suit on the plane. For ladies, I suggest two piece so that you don’t have to have any difficulty heading to the bathroom on the plane! Kudos to anyone bold enough to just wear a bathing suit!! I usually opt for a skirt and top. No need for towels, most hotels have them at the pool. 

Are you one of those people that likes to wear their heaviest shoes on a plane? I suggest that you try and change that habit if you are. Not only would heavy shoes weigh you down in the event of any emergency, but it’s hard to relax in small spaces with clunky attire. I suggest flip flops or sandals that are comfortable when walking. You are going to a warm climate. You will be on the plane for a while. You don’t need to be squishing around heavy sneakers in the pool. 

nature woman feet legs
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Bring one carry on bag, not one for everyone. Pack two activities for the plane. Let’s face it, kids barely use them and every time i TRY to read it never happens. Bring several pairs of headphones, for kids I suggest the noise cancelling one. 

Pack an extra change of underwear/ bathing suit/clothes in a ziplock bag. Baby Wipes. Travel Size sunblock.

Bring a snack.  Keep in mind that a bag of groceries may get confiscated at security.

As far as suitcase needs: Bring two dresses, two pairs of shorts, about five pairs of underwear. Dress up clothes for the kids. That’s all. There is always laundry somewhere. I wouldn’t even bother with detergent, people usually leave left over detergent in the laundry room. You can just wash your clothes. There is no need to pack a ton of stuff. Trust me.  But do pack things you may not want to buy: Toothpaste. Sunscreen(in a safe travel friendly container). Feminine Products. tooth brush. Deodorant. Consider mailing diapers (if you need them) to the resort a head of time. Any bulky items, even groceries, can be mailed ahead of time. Just check with your hotel. 

If anything, we have learned that the best way to travel to Disney is Without being weighed down. You want enough room in your suitcase for everything you are bringing back!

No matter what you say now, you will be bringing some things back.



Ever think that your toys are coming alive when you are sleeping? Or out at school or work?  #followtheball and you will see where they actually go.  It looks as if on June 30th, they are all ending up in the same place: Toy Story Land.

Disney recently released the following video announcing Toy Story Land at the end of this month, click here for their announcement.  With a few new rides, quick service in Woody’s lunch box, and enhanced character experiences – it looks as if Toy Story Land will be a fun filled adventure.

Toys are alive all the time, and with three main fast pass plus rides – you need to plan three days of excitement or else just plan on waiting in three very long lines. 

  1. Slinky Dog Dash – Slinky Dog roller coaster that twists around curves, hills, and drops (not upside down)
  2. Alien Swirling Saucers – much like the flying teacups, an interstellar romp in a toy rocket
  3. The famous Toy Story Mania – (an old standby, and our favorite ride). This has been expanded to add a third track, and more of a “game box” to walk through.

Woody, Buzz and Jessie will be greeting guests throughout Toy Story Land on a daily basis. And each character (along with the rest of the gang) will be joining in on the fun in a land where guests “shrink” to the size of a toy.

What was one of the most original toy’s that came alive? You said it, and see it above. Although the adventures of Pinocchio began in 1881 with the series of books published by Carlo Collodi, the 1940 Disney version will always be remembered. – it would be great if we could somehow create a world for Pinocchio in Toy Story Land. Any thoughts? 

Gepetto’s workshop would be nice

The old should stay with the new – don’t you think? It all had to start somewhere




The Buzz around Buzz

We love the pit pit patter of the rain drops and the buzz buzz buzzing of the bees. But the sound we love best, the very very best, is the sound that the New Toy Story World is bringing to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

Buzz is and will always be a major part of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. So what makes Buzz tick? Buzz, star command’s best Space Ranger, is obsessed with defeating evil. He is in his 40s, and muscular, with a broad chest and big feet. 

Raised by his grandmother Nena Lightyear, Buzz was born on the Planet Morph. (In the Gamma Quadrant of Sector 4). He signed up for the Space Ranger Academy when he was 12 years old and never looked back. 

When it opens, guests visiting Toy Story Land will “shrink” to the size of a toy and join in on the fun Woody, Jessie, Buzz, and Andy’s other beloved toys are having in Andy’s backyard. Here, guests can take a ride on Slinky Dog Dash, a roller coaster Andy has assembled from his Mega Coaster Play Kit and topped off with Slinky and Jessie. (Check out the time-lapse video above of one of Slinky Dog Dash’s first test runs).

Families will also be able to take a spin on Alien Swirling Saucers, a galactic play set that Andy won from Pizza Planet. Here, adorable little green aliens swirl about in their flying saucers with guests in tow in their rocket ship toys, while “The Claw” hangs overhead.

Here is a description of what’s to come in the new Toy Story Land – June 30th.  

We love the hiss hiss hissing of the green snakes. We love the roll roll rolling of the sea. The sound we love best, the very very best are topped off by Slinky and Jessie. 


Oh, and The answer to What Makes Buzz Buzz? ROCKETS!!!


Do you have a minute and a half for a cup of tea?

Care for a cup of tea with the White Rabbit? Maybe instead of sipping the tea you would rather sit inside the actual teacup.  And spin!!

We’ve been told that we’ve only got a minute, just a little minute, to tell you all about the spinning teacups at the magic kingdom. 


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So here we go

Is the teacup ride at the Magic Kingdom really a minute? Short answer: No. Long answer – it’s one and a half minutes. 

The ride is appropriate for all ages – I would suggest having someone who can control the spinning in each cup, though – so younger ones don’t spin out of control!

Although you can get a fast pass for the magic tea cup ride, you do not really need one, in my opinion. The line moves quickly. There are 18 decorative cups and each cup holds up to five guests. If you want a fun math problem ask yourself this: With 50 families in front of you , at ___ many riders per family, how long will you have to wait to ride the MAD TEA PARTY RIDE at the Magic Kingdom? 

You’ll be really dizzy after this ride. If you decide you want to be dizzier you have to have someone in your party spin you even faster by spinning the wheel in the middle. 

Try humming this “minute waltz” while you spin. It’ll make you even dizzier, I promise! Much like the Mad Tea Party Ride, the waltz takes about a minute and a half to play 138 bars – the title of the waltz is very deceiving!!! Chopin’s publishers decided on the nickname, not him.  The actual name of the Waltz is “The Waltz in D flat major, Op. 64, No.1, or “The Waltz of the little dog”. Chopin was watching his dog chase his tail when he wrote it. The dog spun around, and around, much like the spinning teacups!

Supposedly, The Mad Hatter, Tweedle Dee.  and Tweedle Dum can all be seen riding this ride throughout the day – I have never been lucky enough to catch them in action. If anyone has any pictures they can share I would love to post them. 

Final question: Has anyone ever tried to drink a cup of tea on the Mad Tea Party Ride? That would be pretty mad, wouldn’t it?  





“Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon” – at least that’s what Winnie the Pooh says – we found that out first hand when a nice girl on her way to the airport just handed us a pink one, saying “when you go after honey with a balloon, the great thing is not to let the bees know that you are coming”. 

Okay, maybe she didn’t give us that advice. There is no way she could have known we were about to go after honey by finding Winnie the Pooh’s stash.  We certainly didn’t need any bees finding out our plans so we just left the balloon in our room, away from any bees, and set off to the Magic Kingdom. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Winnie The Pooh and Tigger can be found, fully of excitement and mischief, right next to the Winnie the Pooh Ride, at scheduled times.  Don’t expect anything normal from Tigger. Tigger will show you that life is all about how you bounce, so feel free to jump with him – but watch out. 

Don’t confuse a visit with Winnie The Pooh and Tigger with a ride on the honeypots (right next to them). This ride fills up, and the line moves pretty slowly (because there are a lot of fun activities), so be sure to get a fast pass for the ride. 

Winnie and Tigger will sign autographs but do not speak, given that they are animals.

Another shout out to our mystery girl, who gave us the balloon, and sent us on our wild adventure in the first place. As A.A. Milne once said “A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference”