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Probably not. Let’s face it. The songs are not as catchy as the first movie. There is only one, Aurora – Into the Unknown:

Maybe we’ll sing along to this one. But is it worth going to the movies AGAIN to see the second sing along version. Only if you have absolutely nothing to do in the house, including laundry – which I always have. Thinking of getting your teeth pulled? Maybe do that first. 

Yet, it is playing in theaters as we speak. And only for a select time, folks!! It looks to me is that they just added words whenever there is a song – so that your toddlers can READ along, right? Give me a break. 

I guess some things really do never change. Maybe Disney will be selling their new Frozen Karaoke machines in theaters too, it wouldn’t surprise me. 

But, if you still haven’t gone into the unknown and seen Frozen II, don’t let this stop you. It really is worth watching. 

Anyone hoping that Disney Hollywood Studios will now revamp their Frozen Sing Along, now that really would be great. 


Will you feel the love tonight?Yes, you still will if you see the new Lion King!

During this past heat wave, we escaped to the movie theater to see THE LION KING! The theater was packed, and full of laughter and singing as all the new jokes and familiar songs began.

Should you see it? Yes. Should you plan on being surprised? Don’t hold your breath. The story is exactly the same, there are no surprise endings. The movie is, in fact, only different a few times with a few extra jokes. There is one extra song. Quite frankly, I expected a bit more heart from Beyonce’s role. 

Compared to the new Aladdin remake, in which Will Smith amazed as the Genie, even as a cartoon, Beyonce did not do anything “extra” with her role as Nala.  I wasn’t thrilled there. The new songs can’t compare to the original Lion King soundtrack. This video, before is much better than the way it sounds and appears in the movie. Perhaps the song should have been played differently. 

But, the graphics, compared to the original movie, are astounding. They bring a lot to the movie. Pride Rock (which really exists as a real and massive rock in the Pride Lands) and all of the lands around it are beautifully depicted. The film as an astonishing CGI style, that itself was thrilling. 

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Definitely see the movie, especially during a heat wave. And make sure you see the previews, which includes a few Disney films: Maleficent 2 being one that I will definitely see!


Was anyone else surprised that it all didn’t end with Toy Story 3? Toy Story 4 starts out much like the other Toy Story movies, with a new kid who likes to play with different toys… Is it still worth it? Definitely. 

Bo-Beep is found again, along with her three sheep and she lives and views life very differently than a household toy. 

There are some frightening moments in an antique shop in Toy Story 4, and our hearts go out to those toys who sit for days in a shop like that… but we do learn that Woody had the opportunity to go with Bo when she left Andy’s house and chose to put his own feelings aside because Andy still needed him.  

Bonnie has now moved on to other favorite toys, Andy is no longer the sheriff. He realizes that he has a chance to follow his dreams of being with Bo and seeing the world. So when he’s offered the chance to return to the life he knew with Bonnie and his friends, or on different adventures with Bo Peep, he finally decides to live a life for himself…. 


What that means is that, most likely, this is the last time we will see Andy in a new movie involving his old friends. Maybe an Andy/Bo-Peep spin off is in the mix? Will Bo-Peep now be seen at Toy Story World at Disney? Let’s hope so. 



While it won’t ever be the mane event, it will be close.

The new Lion King Movie is set to release on July 19, 2019.  

What a cast!

Here are five things to look forward in the upcoming movie. 

  • Beyonce. Need I say more? The Grammy winning star will play lioness Nala, Simba’s childhood friend.  Are you wondering what Beyonce will be singing? Well, there will only be four songs from the original movie: “Can you Feel the Love Tonight”, “Hakuna Matata”, “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King”, and “Circle of LIfe”.  I’m sure Beyonce’s voice will be highlighted with a few more.  



  • Jon Favreau – After his success with The Jungle Book, Jon Favreau is contributing his talents to reimagine Simba’s rise to power. One of his main goals: Honoring the original movie. He never wants to ruin the memory of someone’s favorite movie. 


  • Elton John – Did you know that Elton John’s middle name is Hercules???? John famously won an award for the Original Lion King Soundtrack and he is back behind the scenes of the music for the new remake. Looks as if he was destined to work with the magic of Disney.


  • 2019 – It’s 2019. The original Lion King was made in 1994 (I was 14 years old!!). We have new technology, new capabilities. I’m sure amazing things will be done with the live action animation. You can have a love for both films, I promise. Who here is going to the movies in July??


Do you remember my inner turmoil when I learned of the upcoming movie, Mary Poppins Returns? If not, click here

You have no reason to worry about doing harm to the Original Mary Poppins by attending Mary Poppins Returns. This film is not a remake. It is a sequel in every shape and form. And there may very well be more sequels to come.

I may be living in a bubble, but I was consistently shocked while watching the film. Almost as shocked as the Banks children watching Mary Poppins pull items out of her famous carpetbag.  Shocked not only that Angela Lansbury is still alive and well at age 93, but she soars as an iconic character from the original  P.L Travers eight book series: the balloon lady. Her balloons are magic, and she warns those who take a balloon to choose wisely.

three red heart balloons
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Watching Angela Lansbury and Dick Van Dyke made me feel like a child again.  That is all I will say to not ruin the movie, but it is a must see.  And your children will watch, captivated. I was a bit worried at first, as the children we were with ranged from ages 2 to 6, but they stayed entranced for the entire two hour period. 

I can’t quite put a finger on how happy I felt after the movie. It was so nice to see such an all-star cast, of all ages, filled with such talent.  Hope is not lost! Children can still use their imaginations and fly. 

What is the one thing that is possibly missing from Lansbury’s role? Her iconic Murder She Wrote Wink or possibly a Beauty and the Beast song. 


Does the fact that the




On November 5, 2004, what was first named “The Invincibles” became “The Incredibles”. Produced by Pixar, the movie stars the voices of Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell(“This American Life”), Spencer Fox, Jason Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, and Elizabeth Pena.  Writer and Director Brad Bird Voices Edna Mode. Fourteen years later, the Incredibles 2 has arrived!! And the family hasn’t seemed to age a bit!

The film follows a family of superheroes who are forced to hid their powers and live a quiet suburban life. Being a superhero is “against the law”, because of the damage to the city caused by their crime fighting in Metroville (based on Superman’s Metropolis). 

Have you seen the Incredibles 2 yet? Believe it or not, I saw the Incredibles 2 last night without ever seeing the Incredibles 1.  While there may have been some small hints at the first movie, I quickly grasped the concept and was able to dive into the second plot without missing much.

Someone, we won’t say who. Develops these specialities

  • Demon Flame Baby
  • Full Metal Baby
  • Hobgoblin Baby
  • Hobgoblin Flame Baby  
  • Laser eyes  
  • Shooting Eyes
  • Floating
  • Teleportation (intradimension)
  • Interdimensional wormhole creation and travel (not to be confused with teleportation, which involves simply vanishing)
  • Walking through matter 
  • Telekinesis
  • Piecemeal shape-shifting (morphing specific body parts to resemble others’)
  • Rocket-propulsion sneezes
  • Duplication (self-cloning)
  • Rapid Expansion (e.g., Giant Baby Mode)
  • Flying
  • Elasticity

This was definitely better than the Fantastic Four Reboot. Very family friendly, for all ages. The audience burst into applause at the end of the film in my movie theater. But, without giving anything away, my favorite part was the dumpling.