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Word broke this week that Frontier Airlines will be flying directly to Orlando Airport. For those on Long Island, they are offering $39 flights each way from Islip Macarthur Airport.  You can now purchase tickets for flights starting on August 16th, 2017. This will mark Frontier’s second NY port of call, the other being LaGuardia.

There will be one 10:45am flight leaving Islip to Orlando daily. There will be one 7:00am flight leaving Orlando to Islip daily. That’s it. Just one flight each day.

F9 1779 Depart ISP: 10:45 a.m. Arrive MCO: 1:30 p.m.
F9 1778 Depart MCO: 7:15 a.m. Arrive ISP: 9:55 a.m.
Frequency: Daily
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Service Start: Aug. 16

For me, I panicked. I called my husband immediately. We’ve already purchased our flight for four to travel in August. A flight that cost roughly $1500. But if we decide to cancel I priced tickets for everyone totaling roughly $340. Sounds crazy, right?

After much debate, we decided to stick with our current flight plan. Why? We know nothing about Frontier Airlines. And if we were two adults traveling alone it might be worth the risk of possibly dealing with delayed or cancelled flights. While we always run the risk of such airline headaches, going with what we are used to with two children just seems like a safe bet.

But I am very curious to see how those first flights go the week of August 16th. And even more curious to see if other airlines will lower their rates in response to this new competitive fare, which seems to be about $89 each way.

What have I been able to find out about Frontier? The new low fare is very enticing, but there are often add-ons. Frontier labels itself as a “no frills” airline. Any thing in addition to your ticket comes with an extra charge. For example, you pay per suitcase, for assigned seats, and often pay for carry on items.

They offer bundled choices as you purchase your tickets. The following bundle description is taken directly from their website

Customers can take advantage of Frontier’s bundled choices, The WORKS or The PERKS, containing all of Frontier’s most popular options for one low price. The WORKS is available at at time of initial booking and includes one carry-on bag, one checked bag, best available seat including Stretch and Exit Row options, full refundability when canceled at least 24 hours prior to scheduled departure, no change fees and priority boarding. The PERKS is available after booking and has the same options as The WORKS except the ability to change flights and refundability.

In other words: would you like fries with that ticket??

A litany of negative complaints meets the Frontier researcher on this consumer affairs website, from exorbitant extra charges to unreasonable delays- click here to read them. Even though I didn’t purchase tickets yet, I am waiting with an open mind. You never know!

No need to hide your children in suitcases, we should all travel comfortably.


MOANA: UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. If you don’t know where and who you came from, you don’t know who you are. So who is she?

Strolling through Hollywood Studios, right around opening time, we walked past the movie theater on the way to the Toy Story Land and noticed a cast member putting out a sign inviting us in to meet MOANA. So, of course we strolled right in.

Moana’s waiting area is extremely confusing, it’s almost as if Disney threw something together as her popularity grew. There are a bunch of circles on the ground, presumably to keep the crowd controlled. All the circles succeeded in doing was confusing me and the crowd around me. None of us knew what was going on and several people expressed their frustration. Once at the front of the line, we were guided by a friendly cast member as we watched Moana interact with the guests ahead of us in some sort of man made island.

Disney could definitely have done much better creating Moana’s lair.  It was terrible. She deserves better.

Moana herself, however, was spot on. She was bold. She was courageous. She told jokes. Her infectious personality spread throughout the room – smiles unfolded.  For photopass holders, her magic necklace even creates a magical video. It’s really pretty cool .

So what makes Moana, Moana? Moana is a fearless and courageous woman. A Polynesian teenager with a sense of humor. At 16 years old, she sets out on a daring mission to save all of her people. She is not a romantic. Her focus is embarking on a dangerous voyage filled with self-discovery.  Like most teenagers and some adults, she can’t figure out who she is.

Because the movie is only two hours long, she uses her courage and swims down to find her heart, which leads her to learn her true self.

Even though the ending is slightly unrealistic, she is a strong female role model with a sense of humor. So, please Disney, give her a better place to relax than a strange room in a movie theater somewhere in Hollywood Studios.

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Making that Mickey Cake.

Did you know that Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon character to get his own star on the Hollywood walk of fame?? Born on November 18th, 1928 at the premiere of Steamboat Willie in Manhattan, Mickey received his Hollywood star for his 50th birthday in 1978.

Although the first words Mickey ever spoke were “hot dogs!!”, we’re going to talk about cake.

I’ve definitely seen more detailed cakes out there, but this cake is my go to cake right now for a family party or friend’s bbq (where kids are involved, of course). Kids seem to appreciate my eccentric design method. I am absolutely not gifted the way some people out there are, as I have seen many different ways of making Mickey, even making him into Minnie.

The common theme in almost all of the cakes is the famous Wilton Cake pan, pictured here:

For roughly $12.00, you have a mold that will last a lifetime – I think I may have even bought it for less.

So with that in mind, I used the basic white cake recipe from my Joy of Cooking Cookbook, depicted at, click here. Note:: I did not use her cream cheese frosting idea.

Then, a simple buttercream frosting.

  • In medium bowl, mix powdered sugar and butter with spoon or electric mixer on low speed. Stir in vanilla and 1 tablespoon of the milk.
  • Gradually beat in just enough remaining milk to make frosting smooth and spreadable. If frosting is too thick, beat in more milk, a few drops at a time.

Add chocolate chips around the ears and nose (delicious to add!!)

Sprinkles along the mouth. There are a ton of different ways to decorate the Mouse – be creative and have fun!!!

Wondering why the toothpicks are there? Well, it’s a rather odd shape to travel with – and I have to cover it with aluminum foil -the toothpicks keep the aluminum foil from ruining my creation!!!

The two people who created the voices for Mickey and Minnie were married in real life, and I’m pretty sure with some creativity you can convert this Mickey pan to a Minnie – If you’ve made this cake, feel free to comment with decorating tips or send me images, I will add to the post!!!


To Costume or Not to Costume?

Kids like to dress up.  Disney is the perfect place for it – and Walt certainly profits from it. If you go to a resort, costumes are everywhere. At the end of every ride and in every hotel you’ll be confronted with new and exciting ways to spend your $$$$. 

Do you save your hard earned cash to spend at every gift shop? Absolutely not. While one or two treats for the kids per trip may be a nice gesture, the trip is exciting enough. And there are more places than Disney to find ways to dress up your kids – (Target, Etsy, Amazon). While you may have a heavier suitcase, your wallet will be heavier as well.. It’s a win-win!! I like to pack the costumes way in advance and surprise my kids with them hanging in the closet when we get to the hotel. It’s so much fun to see the Disney characters and cast members respond to your children in their costumed attire.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so it was a disappointment to find that Disney parks have never allowed guests 14 and older to wear costumes at any parks during regular hours. However, many Disney guests have skirted around this issue by “DisneyBounding”, which means wearing regular clothes that look like something a “real life” Disney character would wear. They wear outfits that recall real life Disney Outfits but can pass for street clothes as well

Even though wearing street clothes that look like Disney characters is OK, anything that has multiple parts or is layered in any way is not allowed under the new rules. Disney’s official statement on the matter singles out Jedi Robes as something that would not be allowed. Click here for Disney’s Official Theme Park Costume Guidelines.

So go wild dressing up your kids 14 and under – they’ll definitely have a blast. But keep the Jedi attire in-house. Thankfully, what’s done in the privacy of your own home still remains there.


Harmony Barber Shop

Upon entering main street in the Magic Kingdom, almost behind the fire station on the left, by the character entrance exit, stands a tiny secret: The Harmony Barber Shop. 

Not only does the storefront look like a 1900’s barber shop, but it is one. It is a functioning barber shop with state licensed cosmetologists. They will give quick haircuts to adults and offer an array of services that make toddler haircuts a breeze – literally (they give out toy fans and other fun gadgets to distract young ones while their little heads get molded and trimmed.

The Harmony Barbershop provides haircuts for any age, but specializes in first haircuts. The cost for a standard haircut is $15 (child 12 and under) or $19 (adult), while the first haircut package is $19. Its hours are typically 9 5 p.m., you should definitely call Disney Guest Services and make an appointment. You may be able to stop in and make an appointment the day of your visit because walk-ins are welcomed, but there is no guarantee that you will be able to obtain a time.

  • f you want to make an advance reservation, call 407-939-7529 for an appointment
  • If you do make an advance appointment, there is a $10 fee for a no-show or if you cancel within a day of your appointment.
  • Water may be sprayed on the hair during a haircut, but there is no shampooing, so make sure that the hair is clean.
  • The barbershop is not spacious – only three chairs, but there is a window seat for those that are watching the haircuts or waiting for their own.
  • Be aware that tips to the barber can only be given in cash.
  • You can pay with your magic bands.

We highly recommend making an appointment around the 3pm parade – so that you are guaranteed a good spot by the Barber Shop door.

The “my first haircut” does not require proof that it is in fact a first haircut – and it comes complete with a certificate, a lock of your little one’s hair, and pixie dust! We get it every time. Click here for a menu of services, posted on Disney site.




photo credit: lularoe

Why leggings? Leggings are fun. They are comfortable. You only live once. Why not wear those dinosaur leggings to a kids birthday party?? The kids around you will appreciate them. And maybe just maybe in a world of chaos, political horror, and stress, the kid in you will appear for a few minutes. Plus you don’t have to button or zip anything.

Disney also has the ability to bring out the kid in you. So I guess it’s not much of a surprise that A partnership between Disney and Lularoe has just been announced. It’s not going to be just leggings. The collection will also include shirts and dresses with disney designs.

Frequently described as “buttery,” brand enthusiasts contend that LuLaRoe’s leggings are the best in the world. They’re soft, durable, and thick enough to be worn as pants, especially with one of LuLaRoe’s long tops or cardigans. Popular with everyone from working moms to college students, LuLaRoe’s leggings have helped launched a brand that now includes comfortable skirts, dresses, skirts, and shawls/sweaters. They are only sold through social media!

As of now, there is no official word on when exactly this clothing line will be made public.

But I believe it will be in the next few weeks.

Also, the prices are going to go up—I was hoping they wouldn’t, but they are. Not sure how much yet.

I may not become the crazy lady on the street wearing mickey leggings to work YET but I do plan on picking up one or two pairs to wear for fun on a weekend or at a kids birthday party. Why not?