Looking to add a Disney Twist and have some glow in the dark fun in the process? If you can get your hands on a black light, it’s quite easy!

Have you been to Disney recently? Did you have any snack credits left over? I did and I decided to stock up for the party and created a fun basket of lollipops and Pez, all using snacks left over from our dining plan: 

For the room, some fun neon balloons, glow sticks, and music will put the kids into an alternate biosphere: 


What next? Once the kids arrive, all you need are some highlighters, glow face paint (if you’re so inclined), glow sticks, and a few fun activities like Duck Duck Goose in the Dark, the Electric Slide, or the rainbow tent. The fun just creates itself!


Don’t forget the cake, or cupcakes! Any kind will do but we found Glow in the dark horns and ears to top our cake with: 

When the lights go on, everybody goes home and takes a fun party favor and assuredly, a good memory. 

Having a birthday at Disney? Here are 5 ways to make it extra special

  1. Decorate your room. There are two ways you can do this: The pricey way or a reasonable way. To do it the pricey way, visit this website by clicking here. They will really bling out your room in style. What’s the other way? Bring decorations. Cover your kitchen table, bring streamers and party plates. Have the Birthday VIP wake up to a surprise!
  2. Give the Birthday VIP something special to wear all day. Disney has those buttons they like to give out, but in our opinion buttons for little kids can be dangerous. We usually go with a crown.
  3. Did you reserve a character meal? If you tell them that you are celebrating a birthday they will give you a cupcake (yes even at breakfast) as well as a signed card from all of the characters. If you are Lucky they will even sing to you!
  4. Order a specialty cake. If you are dining in the Magic Kingdom, they will have a birthday cake ready for you (for an extra cost, of course). You must have a reservation to order a cake. You can add a Mickey Mouse celebration cake to any future reservation by calling (407) WDW-DINE or (407) 939-3463. Or, order in-person at the restaurant’s host podium, or at the Concierge Desk at your Disney Resort hotel. Guests under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian permission to call. Requests for same-day cakes must be made in person upon arrival at the restaurant.
  5. Don’t feel like telling anyone it’s your birthday? Well, you’ll be in Disney World on vacation. So that should be a present enough.


Whether it’s Winter, Spring, Summer,  or Fall – a Mickey Birthday appeals to ALL

Hey there! Hi There! Ho There!  Let us hold our banner high! high! high!


Come along and sing a song and join the jamboree. 


Because this is a timeless birthday! And easy.  Mickey Mouse appeals to all ages and genders. Thanks to Disney Junior and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, he will never be lost in time. 

 This is a relatively inexpensive birthday, too. Buy some Mickey Party supplies. Get a few Mickey Cookie Cutters (for sandwiches AND cookies AND jello). 

Make sure you have dining options for all ages

If you do not want to buy a cake, purchase a Mickey  cake pan and make your own. Check out this article I wrote about how to make a Mickey Cake by clicking here.

Chocolate Chips, Buttercream Frosting and Sprinkling Grin

Mickey Cakes are one of my favorite cakes because you can decorate the cake in so many fun ways!


As far as what you should serve – if this is a breakfast/brunch, how about Mickey Waffles and mini bagels? Click here for info on the waffle maker we like to use. 

If this is more of a lunchtime thing – Ear shaped mini sandwiches are a good way to go.  – And don’t forget the sweet treats


Decorations? Make it fun. Colorful. The Mickey Way. If it is summer and you are dealing with young kids, throw up a bunch of small tents outside for hiding places, style them after the original Mickey Clubhouse.  Streamers are a necessity. Make up some fun games: pin the tail on Pluto, Take a walk in GOOFY’S shoes, Find Toodles.


Party favors for the taking

Is your little one obsessed with Minnie Mouse? Add a bow to all of your homemade goodies and Minnie becomes a VIP as well! Looking for party favor ideas? We are all ears! Give every guest a set of ears in a summer pail with other goodies in the summer, In colder weather they actually sell really cute winter Mickey Ear Hats that I would suggest. 




Seriously, though. This is such an easy, fun birthday party theme. 



Looking to add a magical Arabian twist to a party? How about inviting a group of children to a Magic Carpet Ride. Wait. Are you afraid of heights? 

Don’t worry. You won’t actually be flying. Your child and friends won’t actually be flying. Your magic carpet? Yoga Mats. It’s a magical Yoga Party!!!


We’ve been off the grid for a while because I was planning a magical Disney style birthday. Which I do about twice a year, for each of my kids. That made me realize that we needed to have a BIRTHDAY PARTY section here. Because who doesn’t like planning birthdays????  I will slowly be filling in past birthdays as I plan future ones. But for now, the most recent. 


NEXT: If you’re so inclined, you have to decide whether you are throwing the party at home, or whether you are picking a location. 

A Yoga Party can really be anywhere: Park, Beach, Backyard, House, Any empty, open space. We chose The House of Wellness, which is a small yoga studio in the Hamptons. 

I asked for two rooms: One for the yoga and one for the food and arts and crafts. I decorated the second room with a genie and jasmine peel off nursery wall art. I then asked for two tables: one for the food and cake, and one for the Arts & Crafts (which included a slime demonstration from the owner’s 8 year old daughter). 

The Arts & Crafts? wooden snakes and piggy banks from Oriental Trading. And Fabric Pens to decorate. Laid on silver plastic table cloths to protect the floor. 

I decided to use a professional yoga instructor, rather than have self imposed mayhem with a group of young kids. If you are not inclined to hire someone, you can surely get creative with the yoga activity. This teacher is great with kids, so I deferred to the expert, who not only taught the children why yoga is so fun, but helped them experiment with musical instruments. Children derive enormous benefits from yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves. Plus, what kid wouldn’t want to go on a magic carpet ride. Check out our choice of instructor, here. 


Our choice of food and snacks? Gold and Purple Mini Bagels with a side of fruit- most bagel  stores will dye the bagels for you. They taste the same, I promise. Water was the best choice of beverage given the fact that juice may have made the floor sticky. 


Mats + Food + Yoga Instructor + ? … FRIENDS. 

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For Party Favors? Each child got to take their mat home, and their art project, if they had one. That way, visions of their whole new world stay with them forever!!