Ahoy! I have good news and bad news.  

If you look in dark crevices of the beach club you’ll find its now home to a new crew of pirates. Pirates that will take your kids (age 4 and up) off your hands for three hours, and they promise to keep them from walking the plank. 

I mentioned the new activity briefly, but have more feedback to give. 

Your kids will yell “shiver me chicken tenders!” as the pirates feed them a full meal.

They’ll go on a REAL HUNT in dark waters. So be prepared to sign a liability waiver. 

But I guarantee they will have an amazing time. If not, the pirates will find you wherever you are and ask you to pick up your kids early. Worried they will be taken by Captain Hook, who definitely makes an appearance? Totally normal. 



The bad news is, well, that this swashbuckling experience has replaced the kids activity room. It’s gone and sorely missed. There is no longer a room to stop in at the Beach/Yacht to down activity if it’s raining or if everyone hash had a longish day. 

The only activities take place in the pool area and occasionally around the campfire. If you mention something about this to cast members, many of them will also express their disappointment with the lack of a kids club room.


Let us know what you think!!