Probably not. Let’s face it. The songs are not as catchy as the first movie. There is only one, Aurora – Into the Unknown:

Maybe we’ll sing along to this one. But is it worth going to the movies AGAIN to see the second sing along version. Only if you have absolutely nothing to do in the house, including laundry – which I always have. Thinking of getting your teeth pulled? Maybe do that first. 

Yet, it is playing in theaters as we speak. And only for a select time, folks!! It looks to me is that they just added words whenever there is a song – so that your toddlers can READ along, right? Give me a break. 

I guess some things really do never change. Maybe Disney will be selling their new Frozen Karaoke machines in theaters too, it wouldn’t surprise me. 

But, if you still haven’t gone into the unknown and seen Frozen II, don’t let this stop you. It really is worth watching. 

Anyone hoping that Disney Hollywood Studios will now revamp their Frozen Sing Along, now that really would be great. 

Let us know what you think!!