Although Maleficent is labelled the mistress of evil there is really only one Evil Queen in this movie: Michelle Pfeiffer. While she is definitely evil, an actress such as Pfeiffer could certainly have expanded her mean girl role a bit.  At 61, she still looks amazing but I would have liked her to have done more as the evil queen.  She and Angelina are definitely powerful enemies and a fitting match! But they should have had more time on the screen together. 


I still can’t figure out what kingdom it’s supposed to be, as there was no mention of this kingdom in the first movie. It was never made clear. At the beginning of the movie, we have fast forwarded five years after the first Maleficent story. A new actor plays Prince Phillip,  Although they meet very formally as friends, it becomes clear that he has been dating Queen Aurora, Queen of the Moors. A wedding is set into play.  It turns out that Aurora left her original castle to the people and never looked back. Kind of strange way of tying it all together. 


Thinking they will be waltzing once upon a dream? Think again. 

Although it starts off as a fairytale, this isn’t your average fairytale. It quickly becomes action packed, with both Maleficent’s and fairy lives at risk. One of the best parts? Maleficent learns more about her ancestry, which is really really eye catching. 


And of course, there are hints of the original Sleeping Beauty Tale, more so in this version than the first. 

Kid factor: nothing permanently scarring. One scary scene. No foul language. If your kids saw the first movie they are probably okay to see the second. It is not your average kids Disney movie. 

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