Wondering what lies OUTSIDE of Disney? Wondering if anything exists besides Disney? Florida does have more than theme parks. But for today we will discuss the OTHER theme park, the one that is just a few miles away from Disney, and can often be reached in just fifteen minutes. 


Of course, staying at Universal is quite easy. If you were to stay at Universal (just as if you were staying at Disney), a free shuttle would take you to one of the three Universal theme parks: Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay. That would mean you would be investing in a Universal vacation and abandoning Disney altogether (and here, we don’t recommend that – there is just too much fun to be had!). 


If staying at Disney, you can rent a car and drive it to Universal (not my recommendation) or take an Uber, Lyft, or shuttle. The average uber/lyft cost from Disney World to Universal’s drop off point is about $18. Mears Transportation will shuttle you from your hotel to Universal and back for $21. Pickup and return times are at your convenience. To schedule a shuttle, call 855-463-2776. Just remember that the shuttle appears to possibly be more expensive as it is Per Person. 


Another factor? The age of kids/adults who are planning the trip. Not all the rides at Universal are appropriate for young kids. In fact, most people say it’s best to be 8+ to enjoy everything that Universal has to offer. Disney seems to be most appropriate for ALL ages, including the very young and the very old. 

That being said, the Universal Studios child switch program goes well beyond a shorter wait time with wonderful child switch rooms. Located near the ride entrances of several ‘big kid’ attractions with height requirements of at least 40 inches (think: Spider Man, Fast and Furious, Harry Potter Escape from Gringotts, Reign of Kong and several others), these rooms have TVs and cozy seating. One parent can comfortably wait here with the little kids while the other enjoys the ride.

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That being said, Universal is much easier to get around for families. You can easily walk around all three theme parks without having to take shuttles, trains, boats or skylines.  The choice is yours!


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