• DON”T GO to the Bippity Boppity Boutique expecting to be dressed up as a pirate and a mermaid. You won’t find any pirates or mermaids there. The Pirates and Mermaids Experience is located in Adventureland, in the Pirates of the Caribbean area.

  • DON”T go into the pirates and mermaids salon if you are not willing to undergo a transformation. They will use makeup on your face and style your hair.
  • DON”T head to Pirates and Mermaids, or even Adventureland at all, if you are not willing to figure out how to read a map. You may need to use a compass to find your real Pirate Name.

DON”T let your guard down and lose sight of the treasure lurking in corners. You may even be allowed to take it home if you find it. Listen closely as Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Masters teach you the art of navigating the high seas while telling you tall tales of sunken ships and buried treasure. These savvy scallywags will have you talkin’ the talk and walkin’ the walk.

DON’T WORRY – if you choose to be a mermaid you will still leave with your legs – and your voice.

You definitely need to make a reservation, starting 180 days from your trip you can. There are different packages to choose from, from basic to more extravagant. Wondering more about Pirates and Mermaids, feel free to ask us in the comments – or else click here

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