Five reasons to head to the elf academy if you can’t make it to Disney this holiday season

Looking for some added spice to your holiday season? Can’t make it to Disney for some reason or another? Here are five reasons to head to Essex, Connecticut with or without an elf in training:

1. You will meet real elves. There is an elf academy. Most elves there are at a minimum 250 years old. How do you know how old an elf is? You can tell by its ears.

2. There may be a few princesses present: this land is ruled by three princesses. Princess Holly, Princess Noel, and Princess Merry wander the area and greet the citizens. Princess Holly was asked recently if they have actual jobs. Her answer? “I don’t need a job, I am a princess.”

3. You will learn important life skills. Elves need to perfect three things: singing, dancing, and laughing. You will learn all of these. Don’t ask me how I don’t want to ruin the surprise

4. Mr. and Mrs. Claus appear as a couple. We have heard the stories of their great romance, but hardly had the chance to see them. And if you take the Essex steam train, you do actually get to see them walk the aisle!! (Train aisle that is)!!

5. River Junction. Looking for a family photo? Want to get into the holiday spirit? Well this is the best train station waiting room to get you and your family there! There are free crafts and activities for kids, tons of special VIPs to meet, and lots of unique photo opportunities.

Face painting
Photo op

I haven’t event mentioned this unique old fashioned steam train. It’s amazing and the price is reasonable. Really a priceless experience. Just go! Click here to visit the Essex steam train website

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