Whether it’s Winter, Spring, Summer,  or Fall – a Mickey Birthday appeals to ALL

Hey there! Hi There! Ho There!  Let us hold our banner high! high! high!


Come along and sing a song and join the jamboree. 


Because this is a timeless birthday! And easy.  Mickey Mouse appeals to all ages and genders. Thanks to Disney Junior and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, he will never be lost in time. 

 This is a relatively inexpensive birthday, too. Buy some Mickey Party supplies. Get a few Mickey Cookie Cutters (for sandwiches AND cookies AND jello). 

Make sure you have dining options for all ages

If you do not want to buy a cake, purchase a Mickey  cake pan and make your own. Check out this article I wrote about how to make a Mickey Cake by clicking here.

Chocolate Chips, Buttercream Frosting and Sprinkling Grin

Mickey Cakes are one of my favorite cakes because you can decorate the cake in so many fun ways!


As far as what you should serve – if this is a breakfast/brunch, how about Mickey Waffles and mini bagels? Click here for info on the waffle maker we like to use. 

If this is more of a lunchtime thing – Ear shaped mini sandwiches are a good way to go.  – And don’t forget the sweet treats

Decorations? Make it fun. Colorful. The Mickey Way. If it is summer and you are dealing with young kids, throw up a bunch of small tents outside for hiding places, style them after the original Mickey Clubhouse.  Streamers are a necessity. Make up some fun games: pin the tail on Pluto, Take a walk in GOOFY’S shoes, Find Toodles.


Party favors for the taking

Is your little one obsessed with Minnie Mouse? Add a bow to all of your homemade goodies and Minnie becomes a VIP as well! Looking for party favor ideas? We are all ears! Give every guest a set of ears in a summer pail with other goodies in the summer, In colder weather they actually sell really cute winter Mickey Ear Hats that I would suggest. 




Seriously, though. This is such an easy, fun birthday party theme. 


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