Looking to add a magical Arabian twist to a party? How about inviting a group of children to a Magic Carpet Ride. Wait. Are you afraid of heights? 

Don’t worry. You won’t actually be flying. Your child and friends won’t actually be flying. Your magic carpet? Yoga Mats. It’s a magical Yoga Party!!!


We’ve been off the grid for a while because I was planning a magical Disney style birthday. Which I do about twice a year, for each of my kids. That made me realize that we needed to have a BIRTHDAY PARTY section here. Because who doesn’t like planning birthdays????  I will slowly be filling in past birthdays as I plan future ones. But for now, the most recent. 


NEXT: If you’re so inclined, you have to decide whether you are throwing the party at home, or whether you are picking a location. 

A Yoga Party can really be anywhere: Park, Beach, Backyard, House, Any empty, open space. We chose The House of Wellness, which is a small yoga studio in the Hamptons. 

I asked for two rooms: One for the yoga and one for the food and arts and crafts. I decorated the second room with a genie and jasmine peel off nursery wall art. I then asked for two tables: one for the food and cake, and one for the Arts & Crafts (which included a slime demonstration from the owner’s 8 year old daughter). 

The Arts & Crafts? wooden snakes and piggy banks from Oriental Trading. And Fabric Pens to decorate. Laid on silver plastic table cloths to protect the floor. 

I decided to use a professional yoga instructor, rather than have self imposed mayhem with a group of young kids. If you are not inclined to hire someone, you can surely get creative with the yoga activity. This teacher is great with kids, so I deferred to the expert, who not only taught the children why yoga is so fun, but helped them experiment with musical instruments. Children derive enormous benefits from yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves. Plus, what kid wouldn’t want to go on a magic carpet ride. Check out our choice of instructor, here. 


Our choice of food and snacks? Gold and Purple Mini Bagels with a side of fruit- most bagel  stores will dye the bagels for you. They taste the same, I promise. Water was the best choice of beverage given the fact that juice may have made the floor sticky. 


Mats + Food + Yoga Instructor + ? … FRIENDS. 

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For Party Favors? Each child got to take their mat home, and their art project, if they had one. That way, visions of their whole new world stay with them forever!!




Let us know what you think!!