City Mousing For A Day

What do you do when you can’t jump in for a day of Orlando Magic?

Take a trip to New York City, of course. The Disney beach mice became city mice and traveled to the American Girl Cafe for a bitty baby party. What’s that?? You will find out.

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The American Girl Cafe, located on the ground level of the American Girl Store near Rockefeller Center, is not only a cafe that caters to children and their dolls but it one of the top rated brunch spots in the city.

The food is absolutely amazing! Just check out the menu, pictured below

If you do not have a doll of your own to bring, you can borrow one, from a wall to the left of the entrance of the cafe. That goes for adults and kids alike!

The bitty baby party includes one appetizer to be shared by the table, one entree, cake and ice cream, and really great party favors for the kids and their dolls (celebration t-shirts, wands, and miniature doll cakes).

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Although the dolls are pricey, the food in the cafe is amazing and we’ll worth the moderate price tag. Make your reservation, though. They book up quickly!

Let us know what you think!!