Do you have a minute and a half for a cup of tea?

Care for a cup of tea with the White Rabbit? Maybe instead of sipping the tea you would rather sit inside the actual teacup.  And spin!!

We’ve been told that we’ve only got a minute, just a little minute, to tell you all about the spinning teacups at the magic kingdom. 


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So here we go

Is the teacup ride at the Magic Kingdom really a minute? Short answer: No. Long answer – it’s one and a half minutes. 

The ride is appropriate for all ages – I would suggest having someone who can control the spinning in each cup, though – so younger ones don’t spin out of control!

Although you can get a fast pass for the magic tea cup ride, you do not really need one, in my opinion. The line moves quickly. There are 18 decorative cups and each cup holds up to five guests. If you want a fun math problem ask yourself this: With 50 families in front of you , at ___ many riders per family, how long will you have to wait to ride the MAD TEA PARTY RIDE at the Magic Kingdom? 

You’ll be really dizzy after this ride. If you decide you want to be dizzier you have to have someone in your party spin you even faster by spinning the wheel in the middle. 

Try humming this “minute waltz” while you spin. It’ll make you even dizzier, I promise! Much like the Mad Tea Party Ride, the waltz takes about a minute and a half to play 138 bars – the title of the waltz is very deceiving!!! Chopin’s publishers decided on the nickname, not him.  The actual name of the Waltz is “The Waltz in D flat major, Op. 64, No.1, or “The Waltz of the little dog”. Chopin was watching his dog chase his tail when he wrote it. The dog spun around, and around, much like the spinning teacups!

Supposedly, The Mad Hatter, Tweedle Dee.  and Tweedle Dum can all be seen riding this ride throughout the day – I have never been lucky enough to catch them in action. If anyone has any pictures they can share I would love to post them. 

Final question: Has anyone ever tried to drink a cup of tea on the Mad Tea Party Ride? That would be pretty mad, wouldn’t it?  



Let us know what you think!!