There’s a great new dance out there, it’s called “doin the robot”. Ever do the robot dance? Okay. maybe it’s not a new dance. It’s definitely not a new dance. If you wanna be a robot, check this out: 

When I first met Buzz Lightyear I THOUGHT he was a robot. But it turns out he moves like one thanks to Pixar animation and his space suit. Very futuristic and high tech. Which is why Buzz is located in Tommorowland, very close to his Space Ranger Spin Ride in the Magic Kingdom. 

For those who can’t get a ride on Toy Story’s Midway Mania, this is the next best thing. Because you get to actually put yourself in a space ship and target evil aliens. And rack up points (much like the Toy Story Ride). 

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Don’t forget to look for your picture at the end of the ride – because the alien’s get a shot of you during the battle! Not sure if it was cyclops alien or alien monster. It didn’t matter because we won.


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