The most important reason for going one place to another is seeing in between – and we’ve never looked inside Epcot’s Mexican pavilion. What were we thinking? It’s amazing! Lots of cute shops, food, and the dead are everywhere!!

It may have been our love for the new movie Coco that brought us in, wondering if there was an exhibit of sorts. 

And there is! There are several exhibits – you can even stand with Miguel as he gives homage to his ancestors. 

As a grand finale, Donald Duck and his amigos set the scene for a magical boat ride that I think might even top its a small world. The line moves extremely quickly and you won’t be sorry you went.  To be fair to Donald, he was literally #1 here. This ride has been going on for a long time. 

You then ride into Mexico, on a search for Donald. 

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The boat ride itself is about eight minutes. In the back of the pavilion, there was a Kid corner where a cast member helped fill out a drawing and stamped it with the Mexican flag. Don’t miss Mexico!



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