Get out your compass and look for Disney’s Boardwalk! Because there is a relatively new character breakfast on the horizon and looking East, West, North & South you will finally get to see two of Disney’s favorite couples together in one room.  I love the looks of it!


It looks like a regular restaurant, front – doesn’t it? But what you don’t know is that a feast for adventurers hides inside. 

And the two couples? Flynn Rider & Rapunzel, Prince Eric & Ariel. How often do you see them together, if not in the parade? 

The boys aren’t in these pictures. But trust me, they are there. And they are full of character and love to talk. AND sign autographs. Flynn Rider makes his presence known – even though he is on every wanted poster in the kingdom.

The menu has an Italian flair, with an under the sea theme.

I hear the tangled eggs were the fluffiest eggs on the face of this earth. My frittata, on the other hand, tasted like cardboard. I wasn’t there to eat, though (right?!). I was there for the adventure song. The Ariel parade. And the beautiful pastries served in the beginning for everyone to share. 

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