Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – A diamond in the rough

Looking to waste anywhere from two to three hours? Then wait on line for one of the most popular roller coasters of the magic kingdom. While the lines may seem silly, there are no diamonds at the end – only thrills. 


The thrills, though, are very short compared to the regular standby wait. So if you can’t be the very first person of the day, a fast pass is a must. Don’t forget the ride share option. If you have young kids below the height requirement, you and another adult can take turns (and it doesn’t have to be right away, often the ride share ticket is good for a couple of days). So if you have young kids, send another adult running ahead of you – it is WELL worth it!

I just can’t see myself standing for two hours to get on this ride. Ever. 

That being said, this is a fun, amazingly detailed roller coaster adventure. From the moment that you walk into the entrance, you are approaching a coal mine. 


It’s dark in side. You hear the sounds of iron hitting rocks. Did you know the actual roller coaster is made of steel? Are all roller coasters made of steel now? I doubt it. 


There are some cute videos playing of the seven dwarfs telling people how not to fall off roller coasters. And where you should put your bags. And do you see the lights in the photo above? They almost look like real lanterns. Very real setting for a coal mine, from what I can tell. 


On the way to the coal mine, there is a small cottage. I’m assuming that is supposed to be the actual home of the seven dwarfs. The cottage could be more realistic. We know it is in the woods, so where are the trees, I only see two? Where is the window ledge. Why is it so close to the mines? 


In the dark, I have to admit that I was a bit afraid as I had no idea what was coming. But when I saw the two people ahead of me, my fears subsided. 


I jumped over, and about three minutes later the ride was over. I’m not kidding. It is only three minutes. So make the most of it and keep your eyes open!!!





Let us know what you think!!