I just had to stop Aurora from snipping off Rapunzel’s hair in her sleep. I told her it’s not worth it – that her fans would stay her fans, even without having magical hair. And then, while walking to the main kitchen of the castle, I had to tackle Cinderella, who was pounced in the shadows with her broom.  After questioning her, I found out she was trying to wack Belle on the knee with it so she wouldn’t be able to have her final dance with HER Beast.  She had told Mulan where Belle would be dancing that night, but Mulan refused to help.

These are the princesses outside of the limelight. They’re competitive, not all smiles.  Tiana has the castle exterminated because she never wants to see another frog but a certain lady likes to slip frogs in her bedroom closet.

Snow White sleeps with her bow and arrow under her pillow and Cinderella’s glass slippers are buried in the backyard in a location secret to even the prince because she is terrified that all of her magical splendor will disappear. Ariel often uses her swimming skills to jump into the castle moat and hides her friends’ crowns deep, where nobody else dares to dive.  Those who want their crowns back have to entice Pocahontas out there in her canoe, with an extra long hook to pull them out.

Trust noone.  Because while these girls have perfected their picture perfect Disney lifestyles, nothing is what it seems.


Absolutely nothing is what it seems.  I don’t know if Tonya Harding helped plan the famous attack that ruined her career or not. It doesn’t really matter to me at this point, the entire chain of events was an addictive disaster. I was a 13 year old glued to the television because I admired each and every one of those beautiful competitors.

Are the princes involved in any of these escapades too? Are we going to see a prince bash his head into the main gates of Disney’s Mine Train Ride in an idiotic attempt to escape without being caught?

We know absolutely nothing about the true personality behind Disney’s famous princes. They seem to be mostly in the shadows, so easily could be made to do whatever their heart’s desire desires. 

 The next time you visit Cinderella’s castle be sure to watch your back. These princesses sometimes forget that they are admired by most – and lose their cool  – and there are no longer any fairy godmothers to get them out of messes.

To answer my own question-  if they all had to compete for a gold medal it would be a nightmare for the US Figure Skating Team.  They are already so competitive as it is – plus as far as I know there is no Disney Princess that knows how to figure skate, right?

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