Life is full of decisions.. and these decisions shouldn’t be difficult, but for me they often are… I worry, worry, and then worry some more. I plan everything and see every possible ending coming to fruition. I predict the endings to most movies. I have already bought most of my Christmas presents. There’s something wrong with me.

Not only am I slightly scared of heights, but I get motion sickness. That didn’t stop me from going to Six Flags Great Adventure every single year growing up.. and also getting sick in the Six Flags bushes every year with someone’s parent holding my hair.  Would that be considered a bad decision? I still have great memories from the rides with friends I’ll never forget. And I survived. 

Every time I go on a roller coaster I think of the terrible stories I’ve heard about accidents on roller coasters. I worry I’m going to fall out, that the ride will break down and I’ll be stuck in a dark tunnel for hours. Don’t you?

I worry I’ll be another statistic.

Although there are several thrilling rides, many simulation roller coaster type adventures, there are only 7 official Disney world roller coasters that I can think of (correct me if I’m wrong, don’t hesitate): 

  1. The Barnstormer (Magic Kingdom/ Fantasyland)
  2. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (Magic Kingdom/ Fantasyland)
  3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Magic Kingdom/Frontierland)
  4. Primeval Whirl (Animal Kingdom/ Dinoland U.S.A)
  5. Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom/ Tomorrowland)
  6. Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom/ Asia)
  7. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith (Hollywood Studios/ Sunset Blvd)

Am I forgetting an official roller coaster? My favorite remains and probably always will be the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, but the past two times I have been to Hollywood Studios it’s been down for maintenance.  Usually you can wait in line and hope that the ride is open, and even possibly get a fast past for the ride should it open later – but I haven’t had the patience to do that. I found this video on youtube:

You’re on a roller coaster, the whole world is upside down. Don’t worry about what might happen to you – just make sure you’re strapped in and hanging on tight.  And make sure you’re smiling during that deathly plunge. There’s usually a hidden camera somewhere. 

Careful!!! They snap a photo.


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