Was Minnie ever a child of nature?

Did you ever wonder whether Minnie has a real childhood to think back on? We do.  Born to farmers on November 18, 1928, we are introduced to her parents Margie and Marcus as well as her sister Mandie in the 1929 Movie “Mr. Slicker and The Egg Robbers”.

Given that Minnie has now gotten a van service, an entire fleet, at Disney, (click here for more on that from the Disney Blog), it made us dream more or less about her roots

She first appeared in the 1928 Steamboat Willie and then the 1929 movie “Plane Crazy” to join the cast of regular Disney characters.  In the movie, Minnie is old enough to be kissed by Mickey. An unofficial Disney Princess, we rarely see her alone, and I have never seen her without a Mickey in her life. If anyone else has any answers to this please let us know. 

I’d like to know what makes Minnie tick. Was she always into shoes as a little girl? Did she have polka dot bibs? What does it take to set Minnie free? 

This February will be her 90th Official Valentine’s Day with Mickey.  While we congratulate the happy couple, maybe Disney will throw us a bone and give us a little more background on Minnie’s early “ears” as a bachelorette. The special Minnie Vans, which essentially appear to be a taxi service that you can order from a smartphone, are a nice touch – but what do they actually say about Minnie? My guess is a resounding “nothing”. Is there something I’m missing? Is Minnie known for getting places quickly? Maybe its her generosity that Disney is playing on, $20 a ride for up to six people no matter where you are going on Disney property seems pretty great.

My thoughts return to Minnie’s home. She probably doesn’t need much to set her free, but the fact remains that we have no idea what to do for her.  

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