A breakdown of Disney Dads on Father’s Day

King Leopold – Snow Whites’s dad, thought he was making a better life for the daughter he loved when he remarried. We know how that turned out.

Lord ¬†Tremaine – went so far as to place an ad in the paper for his daughter Cinderella, so that she could have a mom. Hadn’t he heard of match.com?

Geppetto Рthe elderly impoverished woodcarver who created Pinocchio. Such a devoted dad that he swam into the belly of a whale to save his son. His courage and guidance turned a wooden puppet into a real boy. He is my favorite dad of them all.

Maurice – widowed inventor who knew that his daughter needed more than a new mom or husband to make her happy. He cultivated her thirst for knowledge, eventually helping her to save the Beast.

King Trident – also a widow. Such a devoted dad that he was willing to become Queen Ursula’s eternal slave to save his daughter Ariel.

King Hubert – knowing his devotion to his daughter, the fairies had to put him to sleep rather than allow him to learn that his daughter Aurora had succumbed to a curse.

The Great Prince – leads a frightened Bambi to his mom, constantly on the watch as his son grows up in the forest. He then teaches him how to survive upon her death.

And who could forget The Lion King?? Or Marlin (also a widow)???

See if you can name all the Disney Dad’s pictured below, taken from an image from Disney’s fan pop page, there are quite a few I forgot about, but quite a few I mentioned that are not pictured at all:

disney dad picture

Either way, the message is pretty consistent. For the most part, they love their kids….Another time maybe we will talk about the significance of all the widowed parents Disney creates!

video credit – youtube taken from Disney..

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