Up Close and Personal With Jake and The Neverland Pirates: “Yo ho, let’s go!”

For some reason, the Disney Junior characters don’t talk, going against the general rule that all characters with human faces speak. Not sure why – this makes no sense to me.

They all can be found together in an area in Hollywood Studios, to the right of the main stage , pretty much all day. Beware: you usually have to push through lines of storm troopers to get in. The lines move expeditiously. If you get to the front of the line and one of the characters starts to walk away… don’t despair. There will be a costume change and a new character will be back within five minutes. It’s really great.

Jake specifically has a small area with a pirate backdrop. That’s it. But he makes the most of it. While there are no coconuts you can be sure to find some gold doubloons. If you or your kids don’t find the doubloons, feel free to ask and they just might get one.  While Jake and the Neverland Pirates is based loosely on Peter Pan, you won’t see Captain Hook or Smee – and you definitely won’t see a crocodile – click here to read more about that.

If you have young kids, we definitely suggest making the Disney Junior area of Hollywood studios one of your first stops. It is a great way to ease a child into the “character experience”.

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