Enchanted Tales with Belle Review.. Enchantingly Surprising.. Fast Pass Necessary!

We booked “Enchanted Tales with Belle” because it was available on the Fast Pass. We had no idea what it was. What did I picture it to be? Some lady dressed in a Belle outfit reading some stories… wouldn’t you??

But its so much more!! 

We still have not been able to get a reservation to Be Our Guest Restaurant. It is currently the “Age of Beauty of the Beast” in Disney.  After experiencing Enchanted Tales with Belle, I can’t imagine how good the restaurant is. The environment and acting is THAT FANTASTIC.  Apparently you get to visit Belle’s actual cottage, jump through the enchanted mirror, and play a feature player on stage. So given that our expectations were “hearing a story” (which still would have been great), this was amazing.

SPOILER ALERT: It’s a tale as old as time, and you get to reenact it!!! You walk into a magical room. With Lumiere. It really is a magical room because it opens up into another room. And you are warned by a talking wardrobe that you need to be on the alert. And help Belle. And they need volunteers to play characters. (So, if you have a child who is shy, prepare them!!) – everyone who wants a part gets a part. My daughter who wanted a part was Chip…. 



So after everyone gets a role (roles are located in the cabinet), 

There is a rehearsal. Don’t worry. your kid will do fine. And if they do not want to participate IT DOES NOT mean that they are not banned from meeting Belle… Just make sure to tell one of the cast members that your child would like a photo. Oh, did I mention that Belle walks in???

Yes, on her way to meet the Beast she walks in.. and she makes sure to take a picture with anyone that desires one. And there is a Disney photographer present. … Stay tuned for more on “Belle” the character… This is just on this one experience.  But by the end of the day you will realize that they are together now and going to be just fine.  The reason I say “get a fast pass”? Because you should. Otherwise plan on waiting for hours.

Let us know what you think!!