Characters – They will speak to you!!! You can ask them questions!! Here are some ideas…

Did you know you can ask most of the “speaking” characters questions? And they usually are pretty consistent with their answers! Each character has the same unique signature so that park guests getting autographs see the same mark every year, regardless of the different performer playing the part.A Winnie the Pooh signature from 1985 should be exactly the same as one you get in a few weeks!

There are two categories of Disney characters: fur and face. The fur characters… wear fur!! And only communicate via animated movements. The face characters include all human like characters, those characters with a human face. 


The fur characters don’t speak – but the human characters have to improvise CONSISTENTLY. They have to deal with interesting questions posed by the curious child as well as adults possibly trying to shake things up.  Just as autographs over the years must remain consistent, so do a character’s answers. 

Even though there is no way to anticipate all the questions that a park visitor may pose to a character, most characters do a great job of answering the questions in a uniform manner.  They are not allowed to sing. Singing is reserved for a completely different set of performers. 

Looking for a question to ask? Here are some ideas:

Alice in Wonderland – Wish her a happy unbirthday; Ask her what color to paint the roses; Ask her if she found the white rabbit’s hat yet, shake her hand and introduce yourself. 

Aladdin – ask him if you can see his magic lamp, ask him where the Genie is hiding, Ask him if you can go on a Magic Carpet Ride, Where is Abu?

Anna and Elsa – “Do they want to build a snowman?”, Do they want to go ice skating?, have they seen the snow monster?, Do they want to share some chocolate? Where’s Sven? Can you be given an official role at the palace? 

Ariel – ask her if she’d like to brush her hair with you, Ask her if you can be a mermaid, Ask her to see her necklace

Aurora – Complement her on the necklace she is wearing, ask her what her favorite color dress is, Ask her if she likes to sew, Ask her if you’ve met once upon a dream, ask her to dance with you. 

Belle – Ask her what book she is currently reading, Ask her her favorite book, Ask her what her father is inventing, Ask her if she has invented anything lately. Ask her where the Beast is. 

CinderellaAsk her if she can help you find your shoe. Ask her if she finished cleaning yet, Ask her if she can tell you what time it is, ask her if her fairy godmother can grant you a wish. Ask her if she took her pets with her to the palace with the prince.

Jake the Neverland Pirate – He doesn’t speak, but ask him to give you a treasure.

Mary Poppins – Ask her what the weather is going to be like today. Ask her which way the wind is blowing. Ask her what she has in her bag. Ask her if she wants to tidy up with you. 

Merida – Ask her to give you a spell. Ask her to teach you how to ride a horse, swing a sword, or shoot a bow. Ask her to make you a healing salve. 

Mulan – Ask her if she is going on any adventure anytime soon. Ask her what is the name of her favorite horse. Ask her how to defend yourself in a battle. 

Moana – Ask her to tell you a joke, Ask her where her heart is. Ask her how many tattoos Maui has. 

Snow White – Ask her if the seven dwarfs are back from work yet, Ask her what’s for dinner, ask her if anyone came by with any apples today, ask her if she’d seen a huntsman around, ask her who is the fairest in all the land. 

Tinkerbell – ask her for some pixie dust. Ask her to show you her wings/shoes/outfit. Ask her if she can help you fly. 

Be sure to get all of their autographs!!!

Bitten by the bug? Here’s a link to become a Disney performer Tip:  you’ll be evaluated by height first, before they even look at your acting. Most princesses are required to be between 5’4 and 5’7 and are 18 to 23 years old, with the largest being a size 10.  If you are cast as a character you would rather not play, you have to take it anyway – or quit.

Finally, if you do decide to take the role: be warned. You may not be able to dye your hair, get your ears pierced, or even paint your nails. There is a reason some people refer to a bad work environment as “Disney-esq”.  But think of the smiles you’ll bring to people’s faces as you bounce up and down like Tigger, lead them in a princess parade,  or show a young Jedi in training how to swing that light saber.

Even Disney characters have to have some down time.

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