Tinker Bell was first crowned as a Disney Princess, but later became the leader of the Disney Fairies. On September 21, 2010, she became the 13th fictional character to receive her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, an accolade her mentor Peter Pan never quite succeeded in getting.

She was never actually really in love with Peter, she was an adventure groupie and jealous that Wendy was starting to have all of the fun. Be prepared to embark on an awesome adventure of your own when visiting her pixie cave, located to the right of the entrance of Town Square, in the building with Tony’s Restaurant. Visiting Tinker bell is definitely worth it if you can pop in when there isn’t much of a line or grab a fast pass to enter her magical nook.

While Tinker bell may have felt slightly overlooked when she was living in Never Never Land, she has one of the best homes at the Magic Kingdom. Prepare yourselves for a magical waiting room that opens up into a fairy wonderland. Although Tinker Bell has been pretty much silent since the 1953 debut of Peter Pan, a baby’s laughter in the 2008 movie Tinker Bell gave her the power of words, words that she doesn’t hesitate using to welcome you.

Try and avoid the gift shop at all costs,  unless you want to be forced to squeeze a giant pair of green wings into a suitcase on the way home.


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