MOANA: UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. If you don’t know where and who you came from, you don’t know who you are. So who is she?

Strolling through Hollywood Studios, right around opening time, we walked past the movie theater on the way to the Toy Story Land and noticed a cast member putting out a sign inviting us in to meet MOANA. So, of course we strolled right in.

Moana’s waiting area is extremely confusing, it’s almost as if Disney threw something together as her popularity grew. There are a bunch of circles on the ground, presumably to keep the crowd controlled. All the circles succeeded in doing was confusing me and the crowd around me. None of us knew what was going on and several people expressed their frustration. Once at the front of the line, we were guided by a friendly cast member as we watched Moana interact with the guests ahead of us in some sort of man made island.

Disney could definitely have done much better creating Moana’s lair.  It was terrible. She deserves better.

Moana herself, however, was spot on. She was bold. She was courageous. She told jokes. Her infectious personality spread throughout the room – smiles unfolded.  For photopass holders, her magic necklace even creates a magical video. It’s really pretty cool .

So what makes Moana, Moana? Moana is a fearless and courageous woman. A Polynesian teenager with a sense of humor. At 16 years old, she sets out on a daring mission to save all of her people. She is not a romantic. Her focus is embarking on a dangerous voyage filled with self-discovery.  Like most teenagers and some adults, she can’t figure out who she is.

Because the movie is only two hours long, she uses her courage and swims down to find her heart, which leads her to learn her true self.

Even though the ending is slightly unrealistic, she is a strong female role model with a sense of humor. So, please Disney, give her a better place to relax than a strange room in a movie theater somewhere in Hollywood Studios.


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