Stay on Target!! and be patient.. Star Wars is on its way to Disney!!

You can’t stop change any more than you can stop the suns from setting and change is coming to Disney!!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is already packed with Star Wars entertainment (you can’t get away from those storm troopers when you first hit the main stage/Disney Junior entrance), and in 2019 a new Star Wars themed land is set to open in Hollywood Studio and Disneyland California!! Rumor has it that guests will be transported to a never before seen planet upon entrance to the land of Star Wars.

Star Wars Land WON’T re-create locations from the movie (disappointingly). The creators want to create new destinations. Destinations that have always been part of the Star Wars world, but not often recognized.  For those Star Wars cartographers, don’t worry – the location will still be on the map.  The land will be about 14 acres!!  Be careful, traveling through cyberspace won’t be like dusting crops!

The most familiar characters will be there and visitors will be able to enter the most memorable aircraft there is: The Millennium Falcon. Guests will get to steer the vessel through space and fire laser cannons, finding themselves in an intense battle between storm troopers and the resistance.

For food, the land has promised to feature a Mos Eisley Cantina filled with family fare.

At this point, Disney feels its the most epic creation they have ever undertaken!! I am definitely excited to visit!! Remember – your focus will determine your reality.

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