When you have young kids in tow, there are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration when traveling: Do you drive or take a plane? Do you bring your stroller with you or rent one?

I love our double stroller. It has everything i need when it comes to taking a walk with my kids: storage, coffee mug space, spot for my electronics, sunshade. If something were to happen to it I would lose my mind.

Sure, bringing your own stroller may seem like a logical choice. That way, you don’t have to carry them at the airport and your children are in a familiar seat.

But do you want to waste space by packing it in the car with your suitcases? What if the stroller gets stolen in stroller parking? Do you want to risk damaging an expensive stroller on the plane? Most airlines DO NOT assume liabilities for damage to strollers. Accidental damage to strollers often happens during a flight. Most airlines recommend that families with strollers bring an umbrella stroller only, because those are easy to fold.  What’s the point of an umbrella stroller? You’re going to need the storage. Trust me. An umbrella stroller WILL NOT work.

As cumbersome as it is to try and carry the children with your carry on luggage, I recommend waiting and taking advantage of the many stroller rental companies that exist for families such as yourself.

That way, you can benefit from the many advantages of a stroller without the hassle about worrying about whether the stroller will get damaged on the flight. And if the stroller gets stolen, most companies either include stroller insurance or offer it as an add-on purchase.  They deliver to your Orlando Hotel, and at prices as low as $7 or $10 a night, it’s a no-brainer when factoring the stress of what could happen to your own personal stroller.

In no particular order, receiving no benefit from these companies, here are your go-tos when it comes to stroller rentals, some even rent cribs:

Magic Strollers

Orlando Stroller Rentals

Kingdom Strollers

Let’s Go Strollers

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