Leaving the house with little kids can be very frustrating.

There’s nothing fun for me about going to a restaurant, asking for a high chair or two, and trying to squeeze my two kids into it without having them bother the people at the next table. There’s nothing worse than ordering what sounds like a delicious meal to having to concentrate on helping your kids eat and stay calm without knocking all the dishes and flatware off the table. There’s also nothing worse than worrying whether the restaurant has a bathroom with a convenient place to change a diaper. Will I have to jam myself and the baby in a cramped stall and try to manipulate a change without getting myself covered in urine or worse? And what if my somewhat potty trained child pees all over her chair?

So now, someone, somewhere, decided to take all the mice to the airport. Is worrying about keeping the kids quiet and in their seats on the plane worth the stress of a flight to Florida??? They’ll never be quiet and probably won’t stay off the floor of the airplane – and it will be worth every minute of the stress.

Because once you land, if you’re staying at a Disney Resort, you’ll be whisked off on a Magic Bus and brought to a land where (somewhat annoyingly) the staff cater to your every need and quiet the monster in every child.  You’ll get a break.

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